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Which gives more?

I’m in the point in game where missions give no XP at all (50k). Do Apatosaurus Fossil give more XP or excavating land? I’ve always wondered if land actually gives different amounts of XP based on what level it’s unlocked. Is this true?

You can quickly acquire XP by buying decorations. Land takes time or money. I don’t think land compares to fossil for xp, but I have not unlocked land in a while. You clam Xp on 100 fossils, you probably will rise 3 levels.

3 Land = 1 Apatosaurus Fossil in terms of cost on my level. I don’t have that much gold.

With land, you are limited by your level. Even though the exp is good, you can’t rely on it alone.

If you wish to level up quicker, you have to invest DNA into coin producing dinos. Decorations are only limited to the amount of coins you have.

I am only focusing on Decorations. I reached all the way from level 50 to 55 in less than a week only using decorations,also remember,keep your food stacked,I have seen some really good trades like 7 million food for 30 million coin if you want more coin.

I’m thinking of using land tp get to 54 then spam John Hammonds.

Yeah I’m waiting for one of those trades. How many Apats did it take you?

Not counted exactly,but I purchase loads all the time,but as soon as I get the coins I immediately purchase them,if you cannot see he difference,purchase 5 at a time and collect all the XP,you will see how much it gives.

The thing is Apatosaurus fossils have a mix of Trade harbor and XP Farming utility,while John Hammonds are certainly good but not as good as Apatosaurus fossils in the trade harbor,but John Hammond statues are equally good at farming XP,but they are better at farming coin ,if you want to boost your paddocks to get maximum coin,JH is the way to go,John Hammond only costs 936k,while Apatosaurus fossil costs you 1.1 million. Use john hammonds to boost your coin production,I am right now using a mix of triceratops sculptures and john hammonds,and I get about 67000 coins every 10 minutes from collecting from my main revenue tower.

You aren’t 54? I thought you were around 58 or so.

51 :joy:

(10 character)