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Which Helm is Better?

Get To Heal Every Turn With One, Got To Wait 4 Turns To Heal
My Whole Team With The Other!!!
I Like Em Both, That’s The Bad Part! LOL

Upgrade from that Potato cam has given you like 10000000000000x more energy & enthusiasm it seems :slight_smile: As for the Helm: It’s a personal pref but I would go with the epic to heal every turn + the Regen gives you a really good chance of survival. Often times I use halbenet as a dedicated healer only.

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Hey that’s my line! Leave the potato cam thing to me :smile: As for the helmet I would also go with heal every turn if you play squish character. But if you got Thomas, Raika and the new char I’d go with heal all as they can take a few hits before needing the heal.

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You Guys Are Great, Hmmm, HuKo !!! :grin::+1:

Thanks For The Input Guys!!!

And Mention Of The Potato Cam :joy:

I’m still mostly L7, and I go with the epic. I’ve won a few battles being able to heal my tank every turn (or even heal myself every turn as I am the last character tanking the center as the fires consume my enemies!)

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I think every turn heal is better, as it seems like you already have regeneration in your kit. :slight_smile:

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I Do :smiley:

I use the Epic. It’s better to heal one who needs healing every round then heal all once even when 2 or 3 might not need it.

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Regen is best. Basically with your setup you regen first. When that Furnas out cast mass heal as needed, You should be able to regen again when another heal is neeeded. It is unlikely the game can go long enough to go through to rounds of that pattern.

Second, if for some reason your opponent kills everyone before Halbanet casting regen is a really cheap method that makes him very hard to kill because he will regen after every attack.

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I personally like the group heal better. If he is healing every turn, then he can’t ever swing his bone of self-heal + Death Ward. If you have his Epic weapon, that thing really helps.

Both choices have their benefits, so it comes down to personal preference.

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Well… the rest of the build counts, for sure. It depends what his job is.

That’s one reason the random selection of PvP characters causes such issues. In one draw, you may be forced to used him as a healer, in another you may need to have him deal damage.

I still think the single heal is better. The group heal still gives the bad guys 8-16 focus fire hits on one character before you get another shot.

Having spot heals forces the enemy to rely on area attacks. Those are generally less frequent. If they have a lot of good area attacks, group heal only helps the one time and then you’re dealt 8+ area attacks before you can heal again.

I don’t know about higher levels, but at my pokey L7, I’m dead.

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I’ve got levels 10-11 for my mains, and level 9 for my 2 idiots I wish weren’t in my lineup. By the time you get to these levels, it has been my experience that healing isn’t needed very often (other than Regenerate). This is because the bots simply 1-shot kill people.

Oh, Wizard’s turn? Instant kill 1 of my guys.
Oh, Bard’s turn? He hits me with Injure, and I die next time it’s my turn (and by the way, that means it skips my turn when I die — thanks!)
Oh, Ranger’s turn? Well, that’s just an instant Total Party Kill right there.

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Yes They Definitely Kill With One Hit!!! I Just Got Here

HE Looks Dangerous :scream_cat: