Which hybrid can i go for?

I really want a unique dino… buuut im kinda in a money-situation… what hybrid can i start working towards? I dont care to much about which one is the best… just want one! Any suggestions?

Hybrid without spending means grind for all of your waking hours hunting DNA! then maybe a month or two of that and you will have the DNA extreme grind especially when you get strings of 10 fuses!!! Your a bit far off any of them so can’t say what’s best to focus on! look up the zones on metahub figure out which one your in and then figure out the unique that you can collect DNA localy for and then strap in for a long and bumpy ride!

Thanks! :t_rex::t_rex::+1::+1:

Go for indoraptor of you want a unique, its the easiest one.

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Not for me…

L21 may wreck havoc on your opponents team. No RNG required there. Besides, it will get another round of buff in the next update, I strongly believe.

Indorap depends much on RNG - Evasive. Furthermore, highly likely it will get a nerf in the next update (too many complaints… :sweat_smile:).

Though tryko made of 3 epics so hardest to create especially as all the epic spawns have almost completely disappeared! it is like no1 Dino though

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By having a Tryko in your it almost a sure thing you’ll be on the leader board.
A L24 will surely place you in the top 250.
AL26 will get you to top 100.

The level of other dinos in your team does not really matter.

Indoraptor, spinotasuchus, allosinosaurus (T-rex makes its function currently). Will take you several months to get anything endgame wise. In the meantime stegodeus and suchotator would be of great help for your team. Keep levelling them up or play them as they stand and keep saving money. You have 9 sino attempts this weekend, don’t miss them.

Leveling a tank this update isn’t that great so many bleeds and defense shattering rampage about

Sure, but correctly used they still win you battles. Stegodeus’s short defense is one of the best ways to survive I-rex cloak and kill it afterwards. At the level he’s battling this is one of the most decisive match ups he’s going to face. Plus stegodeus is very useful for getting epic incubators from strike events.

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Everybody that was playing over Halloween has on average a lvl 22 Indo raptor which will 2 shot a stegod that’s a bad investment to power up something everyone has a counter for IMHO. heck dimodactylus can wreck stegod

At the arena level he plays he won’t see any indoraptor. I was playing over Halloween and still needed last weekend’s T-rex to unlock my lvl 21 indoraptor. It’s not that easy with the T-rex draught in the wild…

Better to get team ready for high lvl than spend coin lvling up Dino’s that likely to be benched just my opinion. Been playing since the start lvl 18 and have 12 lvl 20s that are benched with those coins I would have tryko now just saying(stegod is most certainly benched BTW!!)

I agree with that strategy, but Stego is still viable/necessary at Lookwood state arena (3-4 arenas above the one he’s currently at?)

Only if around lvl 25 otherwise they can be 2 shot by any counter basically. Better to pump one of the new op dinos that got buffs or new hybrids rather than Dino already hit by Nerf bat and not likely to regain former glory anytime soon

I just had a battle against a level 19 spinotasuchus. My level 22 stegodeus killed it before bleeding out

But then died to the bleed right! My lvl 19 spino has taken down lvl 28 stegod he may not survive but that stegod cannot wipe my team if it’s dead! When a lvl 19 can wreck lvl 28 Dino thats a huge liability! A lvl 12 dimodactyl can prob drop lvl 30 stegod lol

You just have to play it right!

I don’t see how if you don’t swap when hit by lethal wound that stegod is dead regardless of if it kills opponent and if you swap you concede advantage from turn 2