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Which Hybrid do I get?

I don’t know which hybrid to chose to from to form. I am choosing between Spinoraptor and Carnoraptor.


I personally would go for carnoraptor. Besides the fact that it’s just a great dino for tournaments, it’s the one that you can frequently get in the coins to Jurassic custom trades. Not sure if unlocking it matters in terms of getting those trades… but it does make it more likely that you’ll easily be able to get others to level up any that you create or buy yourself.


Welcome to the forum, @Tasmanian_Devil! Go for Carnoraptor, it will fetch you nice Dominator wins.

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You can get locked creatures from coins to Jurassics

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You can’t go wrong either way, Spinoraptor can be obtained through Modded PvP,Carnoraptor cannot. Carnoraptor can be obtained in Coins to Jurassic Custom Trades. Spinoraptor cannot. Carnoraptor has a shorter cooldown and hatching time but no superhybrid, Spinoraptor has slightly higher hatching time and cooldown and higher purchase costc,but has an outstanding super hybrid , which has an Incredibly short cooldown and high ferocity.


Thank You!

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You’re welcome

Oh right I forgot about the super-hybrid! I guess that’s partly why I don’t have as many of them, since I used up one for the s-Hybrid.

I know that you can get the carno in trades without unlocking it, just not sure if that can improve the chances for it showing up possibly.


Carnoraptor. Much better DNA cost and cooldown and you can get Spinoraptor from modded PvP.

I would go from cheap to expensive, Carnoraptor first. But as I mentioned before, as long as you keep an eye on your average ferocity it is more a matter of which one you like more.


I vote neither.

Get all of your carnoraptors from coins->Jurassic.
Get all of your spinratpors from PvP modded.

Spend the DNA on something you can’t get from “non-DNA” methods.

If you don’t have the coin production for coins->Jurassic custom trades, put the DNA into coin production Dinos and those will pay back the DNA and more in trades.


Agreed with Timmah on this one in terms of sheer value. Both can be grinded without paying any DNA. I would suggest going for Tapejalosaurus as it synergies well with both spinoraptor and Carnoraptor in terms of ferocity and dinosaur type. It also has a super hybrid. You could also go for Stegocerotops because that has a super hybrid as well.


If you are in need of a Carnoraptor I say go for it. Coins->Jurassic never guarantee you anything and this sort of ruins the point of unlocking it.

I have 10x L30 tapej and 10x L30 Carnos from custom trades. (Packys are still building up, I don’t get as many of them as the other two.)

Now, I sell anymore i get for DNA (after hatching).

All of my DNA is going to tournament hybrids or the parts to unlock them.

Why spend DNA on Carnoraptors when it is better spent on something you can’t get with coins?

Not everyone has your coin production/lineup. If your lineup is in need of balanced carnivores, go ahead and buy some Carnoraptors on discount. Coins->Jurassic is a very slow process (especially for non VIPs). I would think the purpose of a market is to buy stuff.

Slow is the wrong term. Ever since reaching lv 95, this is the fast way to get these dinosaurs. Slow way is using DNA to buy them 1 at a time on discount. I am non vip. Sure I pay 650 bucks per day to get 2 more trades but that isn’t too much.

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And not all of us care to spend time ‘grinding’ to get creatures. Particularly those of us with full time jobs and homes and families to manage!


Who says that you can only buy 1 at a time?

when did i mention grinding?

I was just adding on to this comment as to why someone might still want to unlock/purchase carnoraptors even though there are ways to get them in the game.