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Which hybrid should I choose

Which do you think I am should put my krapo DNA in


I have
spinotharaotor level 15
Gorgosaurus level 7
Kraposuchus level 10
Gorgosuchus not haven’t unlocked
Megalosaurus level 8 (can level him up to level 10)

After all those information

  • Spino
  • Megalo

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They’re both sorta good, but not really. Spinotasuchus might come in handy in Strike towers though.


OK I like meg because of the counter

But may I ask can he help in towers such as the special purple 250 epic DNA strike

It depends on the opponent. Generally bleeders and rending creatures are good against those towers, to deal with high-HP opponents. Carnotarkus, Suchotator, Thylacotator, Phorusaura and Smilocephalosaurus are some of the best, but Spinotasuchus has Lethal Wound, so it should work.

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Spinota is usable without boosting and can at least trade kills with super boosted Dentists. Meg won’t get any kills unless she’s on equal level and boosts.

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Spinota won’t trade kills. It’ll go down on turn 2 leaving Maxima with around a third of its HP left.
Spinonyx would trade kills though.

Meg comes close to beating Maxima, although it does need to be around even grounds, like you said.


OK thank you for helping I will work towards spinothasuchus than

OK another one I am having problems with

Who should I put my mirigia DNA into or should I do like some do just level him up and don’t care about his hybrids

  • Duspan
  • Deer

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Wait talking about the previous one
Is megalosuchus good in pvp

Emm people who have chosen mega can you give reasons on why you choose it so I can compare with my team and decide as now it’s 50 50

I’d create Megalogaia and wait for it to get a hybrid. It’s decent in the arena against opponents that can’t destroy shields. Dsungaia isn’t good, but it could get a Unique, so there’s that to consider.


Which one do you think is better

I see people always needing dimetridon DNA but I see them spawn quite often near me

  • Try
  • Maga

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And just a reminder I want creatures that are good in PvP and raid and strike towers if there is one

Tryo for Raids. Magna for PvP and Strike Towers. Magna does well in raids, but Tryo makes the whole team better.


In my opinion raids are slightly better then PvP as they give you way better DNA and one day apex and that will help me a lot

If you’re willing to sacrifice some DNA and do some hunting at night, Irritator is much better than Tryostronix in raids.
Unfortunately I am somewhat concerned that it may get nerfed. It is trash in the arena though, and no one has any problems with it, so I could see them ignoring it too.

Tryostronix could always be buffed, with Refresh being replaced with another attack-buffing move.

So I can’t really say which would be best.


do mean irritator gen 1 or gen 2 or pyritator or maga

Oh just saying I don’t have pyroraotor yet and can’t dart it this week as I can’t find any near its all bary so I darted him only and my irritator is at level 6

Irritator, not Irritator G2.

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