Which hybrid?

Utahsinoraptor or allosinosaurus?

Hard to say if that’s all the info you give

Sorry. Here is my team and dna I have for each

Utasino leads into Utarinex
Just sayin

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I’m confused too. Have both unlocked but that’s where it ends

Depends on your goal, local, DNA investment willingness, etc.
One has a super hybrid, the other doesn’t. Personally, that was enough of a decision maker for ME.

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I’m too indecisive. I unlocked both and leveled them each once and then got paralyzed as to which direction I wanted to go. Sino dna is too precious for me to make the wrong choice that will make no choices. This is not helpful, my apologies.

Personally I would go for Utasinoraptor - love its moves and it leads to a super hybrid.

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Lookimg at your team, you have no problem with shields or armor. I would say go utahsino. Also utarinex is a thing

ended up going utahsinoraptor. We will see if I can EVER get enough sino DNA to make it matter

May you dart well this weekend …

Yeah looking forward to this weekend . I’ve got both at 18 & 19 because I have to split dna but I think it’s worth it because I have them both on my team

Neither. You don’t have enough Sino to go far enough to make a difference.

What I’m really amazed at is your Tuojiangosaurus. You could level that sucker up to 24, almost 25, and it would be a beast in battle. Never fought any that high.