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Which hybrids are worth their DNA cost and which ones are not?

Hi. This is my first post here :D. I’m curious about which hybrids should I invest. Is there any tier list about this? I couldn’t find any.
Edit: I’m only level 43 and I already have a level 40 Alangasaurus, level 10 Spinoraptor and level 10 Diplotator (I got them from modded pvp).


Before cerazinasaurus had a bug where it was 19k dna but i think its fixed now

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As such I wouldn’t say any hybrid is really overpriced for the stats in the exception of Glythronax which is a bit high for what it’s worth.

Investment in the other Hybrids varies depending about what your lineup is lacking in. For example, in case of herbivores if you need more tanky herbivore creatures there’s Armormata, and for class canon there’s Segnosuchus. Similarly for the other classes too the investment would depend on what your lineup as such lacks.


Ophiacomimus is beautiful, but it costs too much for what it is.

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Sorry I forgot to mention about my level. I’m only level 43 :smile: I have a loong way to go to before affording your suggestions


Ah okay, apologies! Then I am not very certain as I didn’t invest much in other hybrids, so other players of your similar park level will be able to help you there.

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I really don’t want to fuse my Ophiacodon right now. It is one of the few level 40 rares I have and I still use it frequently even against level 25+ legendaries due to its very high attack stat.

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Armormata is really good and worth it’s cost. Erliphosaurus, Gorgosuchus, Ostaposaurus, Indominus Rex, Carnoraptor, Spinoraptor, Ankylodocus, Stegoceratops and Allonogmius are also worth it. For aquatics I would say Megarchelon and for the Cenozoic Mammotherium

also Metraiphodon and Suppranotitan and Tapejalosaurus

for common hybrids Pelicanchytlus

it is only level 43.

Ophiacomimus isnt worth 7400 dna or something like that. Diplotator has like the same stats and only costs 4000

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than I guess Tapejalosaurus, Carnoraptor and Pelicanchytlus

im only lvl 40 ¬_¬

Im level 56, yet have a lvl 40 allonogmius. Probably because I ignore the missions but…

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not at all, diplo at around 1600 hit points like Ophiacomimus, but, diplotator at around 600 attacks while Ophiacomimus at 844 attacks

and a lvl 20 armormata, lvl 30 dunkleosaurus, lvl 10 megarchelon, lvl 30 ostapo and lvl 40 indominus

Thank you. I still haven’t unlocked the Hatzegopteryx and my Pelecanimimus is only level 30 though :confused:

No ,FossilBOI.level 43.

ok if you have a lvl 40 carnotaurus and a lvl 40 pyro than you can get carnoraptor