Which Hybrids need a redesign in your opinion?

So, basically I wanted to draw something dinosaur-related but I had zero inspiration. Then I opened JWA and started playing a little bit. In one particular battle I fought against a Spinoconstrictor and I was thinking: “Jesus this must be the lamest-looking Hybrid in the game”. So I came up with the Idea of drawing my version of some bad-looking Hybrids in the game.

So, my question for you is: Which Hybrids do need a redesign?

I will draw my version of them (and if someone is interested in the results I will post them here).

Thanks to whoever is going to make a suggestion

(If someone has already done this, I’m sorry I didn’t know. I’m new here)

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Tragodistis should have a rework imo. Id give it a hadrosauridae model. Para got reworked while it hybrid is still the same and has stats and moves that make completely no sense at all. Para got much slower and lost its stun for the Run Attack. Trago should be a heavy armored Parasaurolophus (it could keep the face tho).
For moves id go with:

Superior Vulnerability
Decelerating Rampage
Long Invincibility
Impact and Run


Umm I like it a anklyosaur tho.

Megalosuchus’s face got hit with the ugly stick so I’d put him up there just for a new head design lol.

Smilocephalosaurus is hideous, although I don’t know how you make pachy plus smilodon look good in any way lol.

Carnotarkus needs a body swap to be a plated up purutaurus instead of spiky cow

That’s all I can think of at this moment. Have fun with your project! Feel free to post your art on the JWA art thread!


Moo Moo? He is like a Stego not like a cow .

Maxima. Its design is boring.

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Tarkus: purru model
Trago: adrosauride model
Entelomoth: mammuth model
Carbotoceratops: +nasuto
Triko: +kentro
Thor: “+unique”
Dsungaia: pterosaurus model

Dont forget the apatosaurus family, it have the same sound (mooo mooo)

I think quetzorion needs a rework, the face looks ugly

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