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Which Indoraptor do you think is better

I personally say the Gen 2 one looks better, at the cost of being harder to get. Either way, both are going to be returning to the meta. Welcome back, Indoraptor :clap:


I’d have to try her out first.

Although I will say - I’m glad I stockpiled Blue at these events, instead of all the other dinos on offer!

The bright side is though, is that you can put blue in sanctuaries. And it only takes 50 blue dna per fuse, so it doesnt seem too bad

Gen 2 because of cautious strike :heart:

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Before ludia drop a huge nerf on it in the name of “balance”, I’m gonna stay with gen2


dont know the stats yet.

Depends on the stats. If they’re similar to the gen1 though then the gen2 will be clearly better. The fact that it can boost its speed while cleansing will give it a huge advantage against faster creatures. For example: against procera it could use mutual fury on turn 1, which would boost its damage and speed, then on turn 2 it will outspeed procera and can hit with a boosted rampage, which will one-shot procera. Since it’s immune to distraction and has definite rampage; procera can’t do anything against this, procera always loses.

Also, the notes said it will do 4500 damage with the fury rampage combo (1500 base damage) which means it can one-shot tryko and dio with that combo (which they can’t block) and will be a good answer to the rat.


Now question is:

Will it be a tyrant? I say it has a solid chance due to cautious strike shenanigans

All it means is you need to stay cautious before dumping boosts on it…
4 effects in 1 ability. Sounds unrealistic and very reasonable to get “balanced”.

If anything, theyll likely expect you to use nullify to stop it…

…which will be hard since it’s best counter got destroyed this patch

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So if anything, Gemini and Quetzor would be your best bests at stopping this thing

Quetzor can’t do much to indo gen2. Cautious strike will force it to take defensive action rather than attack if it can find a chance at all.

Oh right…didnt think quetzor through…

Is there anything that can counter this thing somewhat effectively? I would think slowers would be the best bet

I’m guessing the HP and speed of gen2 won’t surpass that of gen1 in order to avoid outshining gen1 in every aspect. So if you are talking about speedsters, erlidom can be close to the best option of that kind. While both the sauropoda can take it out at a much lower expense.

Nah, the update said that it was going to have very similar stats. If thats the case, its probably going to retain the 128 speed and hp, while having 1500 attack (math from it being able to do 4500 damage, or at least thats what gamepress stated)

Even then, if it successfully gets evasive off, then Indoraptor gen 2 wins due to outspeeding and having definite rampage

Be careful with this:

Indoraptor Gen 2 is def better just because of cautious strike. I won’t use any other move on it. But Indominus Gen 1 is better imo after than huge damage buff. Something like indom with cloak doesnt even need mutual fury.

Instant distraction is useless against it as it’s immune

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I’ve kept indo on my team and continued to level him up in hopes he would make a comeback, and he has! I am very excited to see indo gen2 as well though. I think I might keep both on my team if gen2 is good enough!