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Which is better? #4 (Sauropods Hybrids)

Which one is better for you?:thinking:

Ardentismaxima? Geminititan?Ardontosaurus?Nodopatotitan? Nodopatosaurus?Or Gigaspikasaurus?:wink:

  • Maxima
  • Gemini
  • Ardonto
  • Nodotitan
  • Nodopato
  • Gigaspika

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For you,which is better?And why do you think that?:face_with_monocle:

{To me Maxima is better.I Love your Animations and Skills…And she is my favorite Herbivore Super Hybrid😅}

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Hard one to choose between nodopatotitan and gigaspikasaur. Both work really well for me and i’ve always loved gigaspikas design but nodopatotitan has started growing on me. :upside_down_face:

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I love Maxima, hope the result of the survey doesn’t make her bad, i love that she is a tank with defense shattering abilities :heart_eyes: Majestic beast design wise


I think in terms of matchups wise and win percentages, I’d say gemini is the matchup king/queen so it’s better than all the others, design wise maxima is the by far the best compared to the others. :heart_eyes:

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I personally think ardent is the best sauropod hybrid because of her 30% crit chance and her having a impact and a rampage. Gemini I would say is also really good but even though ardent may have lost definite rampage this patch, I still think she is better than gemini.

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I used nodopatosaurus when I was in the player range. At the time it was amazing. Then I unlocked giga and it was just a stronger version of nodopatosaurus so I used it. I didn’t try the others. My Gemini is level 24 so too low to use. My maxima is 27 and I love it. That thing is a beast and was better before the nerf.

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Geminititan all the way.


Maxima is so good in battle but Gemini still a very good dino even a top tier, is close but I vote for Maxima because DSR ans 30% crit

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