Which is Better? (Best Hybrids with High Damage) #15 [poll]

Which one is better for you?:thinking:

Allosinosaurus, Tenontorex, Thoradolosaur, Trykosaurus,Quetzorion, Tyrannolophosaur, Erlidominus, Indominus Rex, Indominus Rex Gen 2, Utasinoraptor, Procerathomimus, Utarinex, Dracoceratops, Entelomoth, Erlikospyx, Mammutherium, Phorusaura or Smilocephalosaurus? :hushed:

(Best Unique with +5000 Damage):

  • Tenex
  • Thor
  • Tryko
  • Zorion
  • Erlido
  • Utax
  • Spyx

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(Best Legendary with +5000 Damage):

  • Allosino
  • Tyrannolopho
  • Indominus
  • Utasino
  • Rat
  • Enteloh
  • Mammo
  • Phorus
  • Smilocephalo

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(Best Epic with +5000 Damage)

  • Indominus 2
  • Prorat

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For you,which is better?And why do you think that?:face_with_monocle:

Voted for Tryko, Entemoth and IRG2.
Tryko, because of the high damage, counter and crit… in those terms, it’s an offensive tank that can help you in a lot of scenarios.
Entemoth… nothing much to add, really, that thing is a beast.
And IRG2… the MF plus the cloak makes it a monster.


My choices where ERex, Indom and IRG2 just because i like em!!!

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I am very surprised Tryko has so many votes…

  • I voted Erlidominus because it damage is great, especially with Cloak!
  • Entelo because Entelo
  • Procerathomimus because it has decent damage and is fast. I haven’t seen enough Indom Gen 2 to know how good its damage is.
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