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Which is better? (Cat Hybrids) #6

Which one is better for you?:thinking:


  • Thyla
  • Smiloceph
  • Nemys

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For you,which is better?And why do you think that?:face_with_monocle:

{To me Thylacotator is better.He’s fantastic at destroying creatures without immunity!!!}

Thylako, at least his swap in distraction works guaranteed unlike the smilocephalosaurus and his armored daughter, she is really good against non immune dinos, but do not underestimate smilocephalosaurus or smilonemys. Smilocephalosaurus can do precise pounce with a base DMG of 1500, that’s 3000 DMG in 1 turn! And you can rampage and run adding another 3000, which is 6000 DMG in 2 turns! 50% armor is INSANE! It’s also nice for her to have immune to decel unlike her father and the bleeding cat. Shielded decel strike is also very good, but all in all, thylako is best.

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I can’t decide, nemys and Thyla are in my team. That armor on nemys and and now with 2x2 damage is awesome but bleeding a creature then render is fun.

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Decided to go Nemys, taking down boosted Erlido when they cloak is too much fun

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Nemys has all the things that smiloceph has and used it better(not including evasive strike)

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Nemys has now 2 rampages with immune to deceleration + 50% armor definitely better than his ancestor, Thyla is clearly a good dino in the endgame but I think Nemys has more survivability and versatility than him

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Nemys is actually amazing. I used to think he would suffer in a chomper+immune meta, but pounce deals with tryko and thor easily.