Which is Better? (Croc Hybrids) #8

Which one is better for you?:thinking:

Grypolyth or Sarcorixis?:hushed:

  • Mega Croc
  • Rixis

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For you,which is better?And why do you think that?:face_with_monocle:

{To me Rixis is better.Your combination of Immobilize, Stunning and high damage is devastating!!!}

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Haven’t really used either much but have gone up against both, and had a heavily boosted level 30 Rixis demolish my whole team that thing can do some serious damage even unboosted, it’s a difficult one I love mega croc it’s counter can be a nightmare but I’m steering towards Rixis because of its raw power


@Stygimoloch_29, I’ve had a lot of mixed feelings with the many changes that Sarcorixis has gone through. I have her on my strike team. I am 40 DNA away from unlocking Grypolyth. I do not have an opinion about which is better yet. I hope to find out soon!


Interestingly, one of them is a Thor counter, and falls to the Immune sauropods while the other counters the Immune sauropods, but gets destroyed by Thors.

Having them both on your team together might prove an effective combination.


I’m assuming rixis is the Thor counter due to its great damage and stun, and gryp being a immune sauropod counter due to rending. :crocodile:


I really can’t compare the two apples to apples but since the epic croc has more common place ingredients I think Sarco is at least the more viable option


I use rixis cus I don’t have Grypo yet, and rixis is actually really good! But I wouldn’t compare them. Grypolyth is definetly stronger tho.