Which is Better? (Defense Destroyer Hybrids) #11 [POLL]

Which one is better for you?:thinking:

Allosinosaurus? Tyrannolophosaur? Thoradolosaur or Trykosaurus? :hushed:

  • Allosino
  • Dilo-Rex
  • Thor
  • Tryko

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For you,which is better?And why do you think that?:face_with_monocle:

{To me Tryko is better. I never used it, but I know it’s incredible due to its high damage, counterattack and distraction) :sweat_smile:

Best Legendary:

  • Dilopho-Rex
  • Allosino

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I made this second poll because nobody will vote for the legendary… I guess

Tenontorex : Am I a joke to you ?


I think this topic is due to hybrids that have the same animation as Rex (example) :sweat_smile:


I was about to talk about the indoms and tyrostronix but it’s not tyrannosaurus animation

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It’s kind of tricky for me. Tryko is usually better than Thor survival wise, but I feel that Thor can dish out damage faster and better. You can use Impact straight off instead of having to wait and use strike. I’m on the fence.


Thor is better than Tryko in my opinion. Granted yes Tryko has a passive counter. I also feel that Thor needs a passive counter as well. It just seems that is what is lacking aside from certain immunities

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Tykosaurus: despite only 2 attacking moves one of the best tyrants because of its survivability
Thor: high damage dealer who can also stun
Tyrannolophosaur: okay counter to the indoms and can distract but not that great
Allosinosaurus: Thor but gains armor and damage in sacrifice of speed
Now the part where I give dumb descriptions
Trycikle: three wheeled bike that can survive due to distraction, invincibility and armor. Also best stegosaur hybrid.
Thor: god of thunder that the forum looked down for some reason. More speed and a rampage makes this more viable than allo
Aloesinosaurus: useful plant that can tank more non piercing attacks than Thor. 2 impacts and stun makes this an alright creature
Tyranny: evil corrupt system that can take down indoms. In my opinion not very good.


I use Tyrannolophosaurus on my team because i like its kit, but Thoradolosaur is better defense destroyer for me.

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