Which is better Nodopatosaurus or Amargocephalus?


I cant decide who makes it into my team as there is a slot for only one of them and I cant decided who’s best as there isn’t too much in it.


I’d stick with the nodopatosaurus, you get the option to make stegodeus down the road.

Stegodeus > Tragodistis


I´d go for nodopatosaurus too for my team. Stegodeus is… Stego god (LOL)


+1 on nodo from me as well


Is there a level at which this changes? I have a L13 Amargocephalus in my team and a L12 Nodopatosaurus on the bench–is this thread assuming the same level for both critters?


I will go for Nodopatosauro as well. :+1:


I find nodopato the stronger choice regardless. Pinning strike is good for speedy raptor types, the short defense is a solid move that doesn’t have the same chance of being kinda useless, the way invincibility does, and she can armor-pierce.