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Which is better now gorgosuchus or megalosuchus

I’ve been wanting to make megla for as a place holder while I work for dioraj but I feel it’s just lacking and I just use it’s parent instead. I had forgotten about it after getting tryko but it came back to me after I went up against this in my final battle

So I want to hear your thoughts should I work up megalo or just keep running and leveling up gorgo

Btw this is my team

I’ve been a gorgo fan from the beginning. They are used for two different types of battling. With boosts the uses of both drop off pretty quick, and as much as I like gorgo, it’s just not worth boosting.

I would stick with gorgo though, as the cleanse works well against a number of creatures that people still use.

Perhaps @ardens can chime in on the virtues of meg.


I agree i revenged killed a Thor with it then he brought In Indo couldn’t kill me I’m one hit and knew I could so it went for ES and I got a rampage and an impact off it slowing spxs to kill it in one go. I just feel it a better overall team player than megalo

and with the nerf to draco it’s safe to have it in after being hit once

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Meg is one of my favorite dinos but it is not particularly good at the moment. it’s specially is chewing up Tanks like Stegod, and the like that can’t break shields. Not many people run those anymore. Sure you can get a sneaky counter attack kill once in a while but many other dinos can do that for you. Meg was a dino for a day when the game was not so boosted. Everything hits so darn hard now it dies so quickly.


True especially that it’s slow and sure it’s has a definitive move but it’s probably won’t survive long enough to utilize it

True but I’ve found for stego god that gorgo was even better at that cause it a stego and gorgo were the same level the stego couldn’t kill it even with thago+rampage and gorgo could go for FS +cleanse+DSR and kill it so even in that meg loses to it parent

I love my Meg, always have and always will. But I’ll tell anyone who wants to use her to prepare for hardship. You’ll be stunned, distracted, outsped, and outgunned most of the time. Almost completely countered by the meta and boosts.
Having said that, I still use her at Gyro and Shores with no intention of ever dropping her.
And bled… you’ll be bled too lol


Okay, but will you die?

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I guess :man_shrugging:

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Gorgo is one of my favorite hybrids, the damage It can dish out is very impressive and It has the looks of a savage bone crushing killer haha
Now, in terms of matchups, megalo is a bit better, but given the nature of this meta, neither of them will be very usefull without many boosts. As already stated here, they have completely different roles. Though i’ll admit, seeing a gorgo setting up on my dino with ferocious and ready to take on the next with a buffed DSR is far more terrifying than any meg i faced :laughing:
If you want a high damage kinda fast revenge killer gorgo is great for that surprise effect that people are usually not ready for in the upper arenas.
But If i were to be completely honest, as much as i love gorgo, i wouldn’t use my boosts on It since It is outclasse by most things there and the only way to use It effectively is as a revenge killer. Tryo does a better job at that, even If It has less damage. Same thing for meg, it’s a bit more versatile than gorgo but will still suffer a lot. I would just wait until i unlocked the dino i wanted instead of using boosts on something else. But If you love those dinos, by all means, use them. Trying to use a less relevant but still strong dino and making them work is a lot of fun. Since your team has more frail dinos than tanky ones, meg seems like the better choice here, even though i like gorgo more. You could also add trago instead of Thyla or spyx and keep gorgo so your team gets more bulky. Anyway, just use what you like more i guess haha


I’ve tried using trag I really have but the meta is just no kind to her especially against dodgers and chompers and she even loses to other tanks it’s attack and health are really bad. As for thyla no way that thing has slowed me to get to library twice :joy:. Plus I love swapping in on a boosted Thor or tryko and making the complete waste them. And honestly I’m slowly working towards maxima, and monolorhino which are two tanks I think I really need but for now I think gorgo might work but I’ll probably replace it with something else

But ya I need more thanks but the few that are good are super hard to get

Totally agree! I also love my ugly otter, the swap in is so clutch! Indeed, tragod is not doing so well, i see more people using stegod than her for the higher hp. Honestly you’re better off just waiting till you unlock Maxima and Dio :laughing: Either gorgo or meg will hold on until then :smiley:

Now Gorgo is still better. Just boost the hell up of its speed and you’ll have a monster in your hands. Mine is at 29 at speed 142 =)… But there are already monsters at 150 and even 160 (maxed) out there


Gorgosuchus everytime. There’s no competition.

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Found one some days ago…


And that right there is the scariest thing you can see in the arena even thors crap there incubators at the sight of that

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Now that Megalosuchus is good, I’d say it’s easily the better alternative to gorgo.

Ehh idk especially with the meat being fast high damage creatures mega seems to like I think it be better if it got the mammoths basic move and got long protection instead of short defense and regen instead of ferocious

Meg has alot of issues currently… its basically outdated. I tried making my meg work in boosts 1.0 but even as a t5 across the board it just under performs.

A great comparison is a lvl 22 meg… a dino that has to take damage to deal its full damage and has little ways to mitigate it has 3652 health… then you have indo g2 spaming cautious strike mitigating more damage then meg could ever take has 3208 health.

And because meg has a pretty slow speed she needs to take a full hit with only her armor for mitigation to get up a shield that just get destroyed anyway… so you ferocious strike to deal as much damage as possible… but you wont even get a counter attack off again since your so slow.