Which is better? (Stegosauridae Hybrids) #7

Which one is better for you?:thinking:

Carnotarkus, Dsungaia or Stegodeus?:hushed:

  • Tarkus
  • Dsunga
  • Sdeus

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For you,which is better?And why do you think that?:face_with_monocle:

{To me Tarkus is better.Your counterattack is devastating}:sweat_smile:

Tarkus can deal with chompers better than those two in my opinion sooo.

Tarkus, I choose you!


Tarkus and Dsungaia are both really good, and have slightly different roles. Tarkus is generally better at dealing with evasion and Immunes though, and since that’s the meta…


Tarkus is maybe more viable than Dsungaia but I love Dsungaia let my baby alone !


Dsungaia is better against low-health opponents, and if it doesn’t get one-shot, it can do some massive damage.
But with all the boosted Thors and Erlidoms, that probably won’t happen in the arena.

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Yo creo q todos fueron buenos dinosaurios hibridos…pero ludia a olvidado a estos…los ceratopcianos igual …ni hablar de los sauropodos …y anquilosauridae…todo el juego se centra en los carnivoros y ratas

Translated from Spanish

I think they were all good hybrid dinosaurs … but ludia has forgotten these … ceratopcians alike … not to mention sauropods … and anquilosauridae … the whole game focuses on carnivores and rats

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Tarkus all the way.

Throw up the shield and unless the opponent has defense shattering you are done for :grin:

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Both dsung and tarkus are great, but tarkus is a little bit better. I wish we got an unique stegosaur from dsungaia.


Stegod: high heath tank used for staying alive(short defence, 30% armor)
Dsungia: If you think your trykosaurus can out speed this your wrong
Tarkus: like Stegod but more focused on attacking


Carnotarkus is amazing.


But also: stego loses always to tryko

Dusgina: loses always to tryko

Carno: can stand a Chance but also loses to trykosaurus

Lol just saying :sweat_smile::joy::rofl:

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This is fact*

If my profile icon didn’t give it away - Carnotarkus, for sure.

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Tryko: best stegosaurus hybrid in the game.


I mean lol your not wrong :joy:

Hey @Stygimoloch_29 need to add tryko to that list


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You forgot the bane of all existence stego aka Miragaia.

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Has kentro dna :rofl::joy: