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Which is better to use smildon or t- Rex

Which is better to use

Both Smilodon and T. Rex are good, but function better in different situations. Smilo is a high-damage Cunning that is better at taking out Fierce creatures. Rex is a high damage Fierce creature that can take out Resilient creatures.

If I had to choose between Smilo or Rex as the better creature, I personally would go with Smilo. Rex is strong, but I prefer to use Acrocanthosaurus or Allosaurus Gen 2 instead because they are more versatile. Also, Smilo has high damage and good health for a Cunning. Her stats combined with Precise Pounce and her priority dodge/cleanse/crit increase move (Prowl) makes her a solid creature, at least in my eyes.

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Depends on your team and what you face. Rex is solid because of its insane output, while Smilo is nice for a combo of speed and damage mitigation effects. It really depends on your team

Thanks, dragon warrior


Tyrannosaurus is more viable to use than Smilodon, because of the Woolly Rhinoceros meta in Epic Tournaments.

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Rex is easier to get because a lot of events have it.

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