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Which is better?

  • Boosted/regular indominus gen2
  • Boosted/regular procerathomimus
  • Boosted/regular Thylacotator
  • Boosted/regular Sarcoxis

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Averaging boosted and regular, indom takes the cake. Then thylacotator, then procerath, then sarco

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Sarco is a monster but not against unique. I just killed a boosted 30 with my unboosted Magna in 2 hits. Nullify then rampage.

Indominus Rex g2 is pretty cool. I enjoy using it and sarco in epic tournaments. Sarco is at level 25 and I have 16k dna to level but waiting until I have 23k then straight to level 30. I have Indominus Rex g2 at level 20. Both unboosted.

Pro is the strongest here boosted. Stupid thing. I fought one today with 2300 base damage.

Thyla I never fight and hear it’s weak since a nerf. Always thought it looked dumb anyways. I took mine to 25 just because lol been stacking dna for 30 but I never use it and won’t ever have it on my team since it’s a Cenozoic thing. Maybe a tournament team if it’s good but not the real team.

I will agree that it’s design looks pretty unappealing, but the 8000 hp when boosted is certainly not

Thyla is better than Yoshi and Rixis if boosts are in the picture since it only needs boosts in 2/3 stats, meaning it can max out health and put the rest in speed. That being said, I think IndomG2 is still better, even if it needs speed to work, because its just a great creature on its own.

Stupid thing

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Even still, thanks to MF, speed isn’t that big of a problem. It still needs them, but not as badly

Oof. I had to fight a thylac the other day with 6500 hp. That was a pain in the neck

If I’m correct, a good Indom2 build is max/almost max attack to fully utilize the MF cloak definite combo, and then split between health and speed, with a bit of both being important. Not quite as clear cut as the ideal thyla build, but better nonetheless.

Oh yes. In the boosted arena, those 2 are the best epics

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I want to say Proceratomimus, but once Indoraptor Gen 2 gets that speed advantage and maintains it it’s almost unstoppable.

Indoraptor G2? We’re talking about Indominus rex G2 here.

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Whoops. Lol, for some reason I read Indoraptor Gen 2.

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