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Which is the best tournament hybrid?

  • Metriaphodon
  • Glythronax
  • Yudon
  • Cerazinosaurus
  • Allonogmius
  • Erliphosaurus
  • Zalmodon
  • Gorgosuchus
  • Segnosuchus
  • Megarchelon
  • Dunkleosaurus
  • Mammotherium
  • Smithetoceras

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Let me know if I have missed out on anything

For me, the best is Yudon, but frankly speaking, if its a choice between Yudon and Metriaphodon in my lineup, first I’ll take Metriaphodon.

I’ve seen that thing in Dominator at level <10 and its truly amazing, and also if I really need a good carnivore, I have most of the requirements needed for Indoraptor (which will take maybe months or a year).

Cerazinosaurus is also easy to unlock,and at a way lower cost than yudon,it still has good stats

Surprised that Segnosuchus and Gorgosuchus have no votes yet,but Glythronax already does

I just unlocked Ceratosaurus right now, and my next hybrid will definitely be Cerazinosaurus. That or Segnosuchus.

The question should have been “Which tournament hybrid you like the most?”.


Not that I am very eager to participate in any poll but just to inform you.
Here is what I see:

In my language there is a saying, “black cats in a tunnel”.


Why are Megarchelon, Dunkleosaurus, Smithetoceras and Mammotherium in that list? It’s totally absurd to compare aquatics with jurassics in terms of “best creature”.

I agree with @Gunzz that this poll is basically more a personal choice-oriented one than a ferocity poll. Every hybrid is different from the next, varying from health tanks to glass cannons. I don’t see much point in making a comparison as to which is the “best”.

I mentioned Best and not strongest .

That is pitch black

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Wow! So hyped on them already? Are you going to buy a second once you eat them? I think a level 1 Segnosuchus is just over a level 40 T. rex,so you can get it. Be prepared to clog your hatchery or pay thousands of bucks though.

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Not very sure, a level 40 Therizino/Posto doesn’t affect my lineup but a level 40 Cerato/Segnosaurus will do big-time unbalancing.

I think I’ll go for it very slowly as I am saving up my DNA for Indominus Gen 2s. By the time I get DNA for 8 Ceratosauruses, I’ll probably have raised my ferocity again that a level 40 might then be more help than damage.

That it what I do in my software when I have to offer the user an options menu but I do not want to give him any options.
Grey font on a grey background.:sunglasses:


I am curious to see the expression of the person who you offer these options

In that case I always have the standard software developer answer available. ‘It’s not a bug, it’s a feature’.


I have something better,white font on a white background.

White font on white background=Empty

I’m still working on 100% transparent font for everything.


Shining red font on turquoise background = user’s eyes have been damaged due to which they cannot see the options clearly