Which is the best unique overall chomper

Is it the mighty tyrannosaur, Tyrkosaurs Rex?!

The ceratopsian crested; Thordalosaur?!

The hadosaurian, Tenatorex?!

Or the elusive and intelligent, Indoraptor?!

(P.s my definition of a chomper is anything with two or more armor piercing moves)

  • Trykosaurus Rex
  • Thoradolosaur
  • Tenontorex
  • Indoraptor

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I wouldn’t necessarily consider Indo a “chomper”


I was confused about Indoraptor being classified as a chomper, but we all have our own different opinions. Although I believe Trykosaurus is the best chomper due to how balanced and strong it is.


Lol true but it has two armor piercing moves and has highish attack( used to have higher but NERF!) but for thise decided to add it omg I just realized I forgot maxima shoot

Edit oh well maybe next time

Basing solely on “who performs more takedowns on my team” - Thor. That Instant Charge is particularly annoying, even if it doesn’t pierce armor…

I prefer the OG chomper :sweat_smile:


I’m just sad tenotorex has like no votes :sweat_smile::sob:


Would like to know your vote on best overl chomper?

It’s obviously tryko, there is no discussion dude xD

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Tryko is the best and rightfully so 3 epic ingredients but it’s also a tank/chomper hybrid with amazing stats and moveset. Tenontorex is next. Indo is not a chomper in my book and Thor is meh just easily leveled and over boosted


Lol seems people think Thor over tenato

Ofcourse they do most people only know how to complain about over boosted Thor since they face it more often. Tenontorex is harder to make but significantly better. Anyone who actually uses it or plays against it would know.


Lol ya I don’t have it but Ik its good it’s although my thylo would disragree

Thor: I’m the best erlidom and indom counter I’m faster and can hit hard enough to kill them.

Tenonto: hahah. You wish I’m clearly better cause I have more health while not sacrificing attack so I can take down and still be ready to fight

Tryko: peasants I am the true counter!

Tryko is the best one hands down lol. But Thors crit is to be reckoned with. However, Tenrex can actually kill both of them.

As for indoraptor it is a mixed breed chomper somewhere in it, it has trex dna. I think that could possibly be why you can call it a chomper somewhat. But it is more raptorish.

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I’m tempted to say Tryko but Tentorex can cleanse itself, control speed and distract. Thor is easily the worst outta them .

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Indo- Utility Bruiser, DISQUALIFIED
Thor- Commonly overleveled, leads to inflation of value, predictable moveset, unable to counter most top tiers, THIRD
TenRex- Good moveset, allows for Cleansing and distracting, mindgames give it greater value, extra health, SECOND
Tryko- Great moveset, armor, good health, counter, can tear through teams when played right, FIRST


Me: tenato is pretty good right?

The rest of the community: ya but Thor is better

I do agree that tryko is king/queen of chompers (although mammoth and entlomth are for some reason way better) ten to is second and y Thor dead last

Tenrex is definitely better than Thor right now. So many options and ways to use it. It also kills IG2 on a more steady basis than most creatures. Top it off with Tenrex kills Thor on a speed tie… Kills tryko aswell. It just doesn’t have that crit that everyone loves. And instant crit lol. Tenrex is way more viable as a tool in this meta without maxxed boosts.

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