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Which is the best unique overall chomper

Only thing thor has going for rn it is instant charge. (Seriously who thought giving a creature with such a high base attack a damage dealing priority move was a good idea?)


Ludia (like always)

Instant charge? You mean instant crit xD Honestly it’s fine because Thor is in a good place right now. The only complaints can come from overboosted level 30 tier 30 thors. Or lower players who just haven’t progressed enough. Thor isn’t the best you/we/all will see soon enough.

I find it funny how many people vote for tryko who is clearly not a pure chomper… but then say indo should not have been included.

Both have defensive moves to offset damage… which other chompers lack… both have dsr…both are rex based hybrids… ones more offensive and fast and the other is tanky and defensive.

But if your gonna include one… as a chomper then the other one should be included as well. Otherwise we tenotorex is the best pure unique chomper.

The real crime is why did it have to be unique when tryo is probably sits right under tryko on the real list.


Been pretty apparent since its release that Thor ain’t all that good, it exists pretty much to hard counter Tryko and a few tanks with low damage stats. Even an unboosted lvl 30 Insta charge packs a punch :wink:

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Tenontorex without boosts is worse than Thor without boosts. Ardentis and Erli just destroys Tenontorex. Thor can beat Ardentis, even unboosted, due to IC and mind games. Tenontorex need more health, as Tryko with 30% armor has more health.

Thor loses to erli and maxima just as bad as tento does, not sure where you got the idea Thor can beat maxima 1v1 it dies turn 2 regardless of IC or not . In regards to Tryko, tento is able to distract it and can either break instant invincibility with 'its shattering moves or use superiority strike to counter instant distraction, that being said a crit on rampage would probs be needed for tento to take out Tryko before distraction wears off.

Thor can beat Ardentis, if player with Ardentis expects IC and goes II. That Rampage hits hard. Was on both ends in arena many times.
Also Thor can make two hits to Ardentis or waste II. Thor can do two hits to Erli, cause of IC. Tenontorex can only do one hit to Erli and Ardentis.
Used unboosted Tenontorex, but removed it cause of too many Ardentis.

Twyrkosaurus rex.


Thoradoradora the explorer


Looking at my cheat sheet I’d say Tryko>TenRex>Thor
But it’s close between Tryko and TenRex.
Thor’s saving grace? With enough damage boost even distraction isn’t going to save you. But that alone isn’t enough to top the other two.

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The Zombie Chomper never gets the acknowledgement it deserves … :sob:


I like Tenontorex and it’s on my team, but he barely gets a chance to do anything with some luck. I think Thor outshines him even though I don’t have one. Its IC is the best thing it has.

This… most of the debate between whos better tenoto or thor is a debate over which one is like third place.

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I don’t think Maxima counts, the damage isn’t high enough to be a chomper imo, honestly magna is more of a chomper than maxima.

That crit though, straight from the gates of :fire:

Well Thor would be pretty much trash without It so it’s fair.

I’ll take Tryos over Thor any day!! :heart_eyes:


Magna: am I joke to you?

Honestly this it basically it’s crutch and the only reason it wins against tryko

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