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Which is the Superior Armadillo Doggo?

  • Andrewtodon
  • Megistocurus

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Or should they be called “Doggomadillos?”


Armordoggos. Also Megistocurus at leat resembles a dog still. Andrewtodon looks like a rat :nauseated_face:

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Because andrewsarchus was related to hippos and pigs


Andrewtodon seriously just needs more health and higher armor, even though it has no speed control it can do major damage, but the armor is severely lacking, especially coming from a creature with 40% armor. Also gotta love the model for megistocurus, it reminds me so much of a Pitbull with armadillo amor lol.

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It looks like someone mixed up a Pink Fairy Armadillo and a Pitbull. I like it, not gonna use it on my team though.


Megisthocurus, obiusly

andrew was an artiodactyl so it was related to whalesd, hippos, sheep, pigs, cows, deer, giraffes, and antelopes. It is depicted as a wolf but it’s not