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Which is worse the Draco or a Thor of 145 speed

In my humble opinion it seems to me that who uses the Thor has less strategy. anyway nowadays neither of them are very good

It depends on many things. Thor 145 below griosphere is still a pain for many users. Many high level accounts but without boost enough to deal with Thor at that high speed. However, once Thor loses IC it is way more dealable.

I usually counter it with my Tarkus 29 (no boost so far) but if Thor’s damage is above 2300, crit chance may destroy my tarkus after turn 1 without using IC.

In the case of DC… is annoying as hell but way more counterable depending on the arena.

Any DC predictiing instant shield from a damaged Maxima will destroy the opponent.

Thor 145 speed?
Erlidom say hi.

that’s why I have my phurassaura at 146, but I mean people who complain about Draco and have super powered Thor.

and none of them do much

My Magna will enjoy it too.

I hate turbo-Thor.
But the other day I actually saw a Thor I can respect. This thing was monstrous, and beautiful:


Sure it is terryfying but…
Just imagine spend the same ammount of boost on equal lvl tenontorex?
It is really worst

Thor appears:

rinex would like to know your location

Yeah my rinex can deal with most thors too, but I’ll give her more HP over speed so she can deal with Trykos. I have the smaxima & gemini & magna for Thors over 145 speed.

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for me it isn’t any of those, its nitro dimetro gen2s, at lvl 27 144 speed, 6000hp, and 1800atk, in Lockwood estate!

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