Which is your favorite of Raptor Squad?

  • Blue
  • Charlie
  • Delta
  • Echo

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I like Blue and Delta ingame 'cause of their 131 Speed. Blue is my favorite, I guess.



Because Blue. :stuck_out_tongue:



Need I say more?

(Delta and Charlie tie for second though)


Obviously blue but of the lesser ones I have to say Charlie.


Lonely echo fan… Sad life


It just shows you love her for who she is not what she can do. :yum:


Oh … and don’t be afraid of posting your reasons here or other things regarding the Raptor Squad. :grin:


Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo!! There is all my favorites!! Blue first, Delta second, Echo & Charlie third!!


Blue and Echo:grinning:


If you play her right, the common Velociraptor is no slouch. And yes I have the squad as well. But I work at keeping my lowly feral raptor leveled and competitive and she seldom disappoints…


Other than blue, the squad is too low level for my team. I stick with velociraptor and pyroraptor.


Blue 100 times. But it’s not fair since she has a lot more screen time than the others. You can’t really know the others’ personalities to compare. But I don’t really care, that scene of baby Blue in Fallen Kingdom is enough to make me love her forever no matter what


Echo is the only one who should be getting the votes, she has a scar on her face, what’s cooler?


I don’t have blue in the game but she’s of course my favorite. I love the others all equally. I’m shocked echo is so underrated though. She was such a well behaved girl in the movies. She deserved better


Now that they are all farmable, you can get your hands on them again. Don’t forget to leave a vote. :wink:


I just saw Echo spawn in the wild. :slight_smile: