Which JWA youtubers do you watch?

Which youtubers do you watch and why? How often do you watch? Which ones do you watch the most? Which ones do you like to watch the most?

I watch videos of Jwa every day from several different youtubers. I will try to quote everyone I watch because there are many.

•Ardens (Seeing someone use one of the game’s most overlooked legendary is very impressive.)

•Ayden Rangel (Responsible for creating the Raid Irritator strategy.)

•Bagoyee (I watch because it releases videos of new creatures and new raids quickly. A question from people watching this channel: Do you like to see Mortem / Thor killing creatures with just 1 hit for 7-10 minutes? It is not a criticism, just a curious question.)

•Billy Saurus (Videos of interesting Raids. I am recently subscribed to the channel and therefore I cannot say much.)

•Black Lobster (Differentiated content. Although English is not my main language, I like it a lot.)

•Cretaceous Guy (I can’t say much. I haven’t been signed up for two weeks but I got interested quickly.)

•DrNizam Art Studio (It is impossible to deny that art is impressive. Mixed art and JWA is even more impressive. Speechless.)

•EmiJP10 (Short videos. Perfect when I want to watch but not too long.)

•FerOliver (I believe that this is the only Youtuber that speaks my language that I watch. Short videos that are perfect when I don’t have a lot of time.)

•Gam1ngNinja (Comparison videos between JPB, JWTG and JWA are the ones that catch my attention.)

•Golden Cobra (Who said you need to use the best creatures to get along? Seeing Dimod and Trice II and being used in a high arena catches my attention.)

•Jurassic World Alive (Do I need to justify? Lol.)

•JurassicJustice (I recently subscribed to the channel. Your videos look interesting. I believe I just watched a video and I need to watch more.)

•Justin Roberson (I like to spend hours watching JWA on TV. The longer the better, so I vdon’t waste time changing video every 7 minutes.)

•JWA Batman (Why use Unique or Apex? Why use 8 creatures? 4 creatures, 3 of them common and 1 epic. It is very impressive. Really much. Recently Batman uses several creatures but remains the same legend as before.)

•JWA Clips (It was one of the first non-famous JWA youtubers I watched. I miss the videos and Brutus.)

•JWA Gamepress (Where to start? There are so many reasons. Important information, reviews, news and others.)

•LizardLax (I was impressed when I saw someone using the turtle in the aviary.)

•Poke Fodder (Very diverse content about JWA. Happy to be posting videos again.)

•Powerful Rubbish (Today I saw the videos where he defeated a team of Uniques without using Uniques. The important thing is to be happy. I would like to someday use only creatures I like but I think Irritator wouldn’t be so good in the arena … I discovered the translation of the name just now. Lol.)

•ProC (Seeing creatures that no one imagined in Raids is incredible.)

•Rabe (Seeing new creatures and used in battles to test helps to see the potential of each one.)

•SimplyCarTer (Seeing analyzes of new creatures and bosses helps a lot.)

•Skull Kid (Seeing battles in the last arena are the ones I like to watch.)

•SwampKid (Seeing battles in the last arena are the ones I like to watch.)

•The GAMES (Seeing new invasions and new creatures are among the reasons.)

•The GamingRaptor (Seeing someone who has recently started and growing up is satisfying. It makes me miss the time when I was new.)

•TheGam1ngTiger (I recently signed up. When I was watching which JWA channels I watch I almost skipped this one. Without a doubt I may have left some behind …)

•TheGamingBeaver (One of the first JWA youtubers I watch. The reasons are many and I like it a lot. Although I prefer to watch videos without people commenting, the videos on this channel are incredible.)

•WolfPack JWA (I love watching raids videos and this channel has a lot to show.)

•WreckltRoddy (Battles in the last arena, long videos and invasions? Very interesting.)

The ones I’m watching the most recently are: Justin, SwampKid, Skull Kid, The GamingRaptor and ProC.

My favorites? Difficult to choose because I like everyone (obviously, if I didn’t like it I wouldn’t be subscribed), but I will choose three: The GamingRaptor, TheGamingBeaver and ProC.

I started doing this topic two hours ago, as I took a break for dinner. It took work. I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone and I hope I didn’t miss anyone’s name. Thank you for reading. Share which ones you like to watch too! Thanks for reading and have a great day!


i only watch beaver, i just love the guy.


His videos are really good.

yes why do you watch Jurrasic World Alive


they are tho, not just Jwa or Jwtg, but also things like the isle and ark were some fun series.

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I watch Jurassic World Alive because it makes videos of Jurassic World Alive and is the channel of the game. It is easier to explain than I imagined. Lol.

In the past I just watched JWTG, then I started watching both. I don’t watch anything other than those two games for lack of time. I watched Evolution too.

what about me? I have a channel that i am hoping to grow!

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i loved the evolution series he did, i enjoyed the modded one he has now.

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Another JWA channel added to my list of JWA channels.

i release a ton of jwa videos and raid strategies, and am hoping to gain more subscribers!

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thank you!

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Really, I forgot to watch these videos. In fact, I’m going to see one now.

You’re welcome!

i watch the beaver, he is much more fun to watch than the others. kinda sad he doesnt do tourney vids anymore

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yeah same.

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Truth. The things he brings the most are Raids, but they are fun nonetheless.

Jurassic World Alive makes videos of Jurassic World Alive? My mind is blow


Did I say Jurassic World Alive? I’m sorry, I said wrong. Jurassic World Alive makes videos of Jurassic World The Game.

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Quite. Very good.