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Which Legendary and Unique took you the longest to create?


I don’t have all the uniques yet but for me so far it’s Utarinex. Only because I’ve had enough Utahsinoraptor dna for ages and I’ve actively and intentionally look for Dracorex dna to level up, but still stuck at level 19.

The other one that I think will take me a long time would be Magnapyritor, only because like Dracorex, I can’t find Dimetrodon at all and I even live in that zone!

How about you?




paramoloch all 10 fuses. i had a little amount of indoraptor dna for the longest time from the event and finally got him a couple weeks ago.


I’ll probably be making indo for the next six months… :sob::joy::sob::joy::sob::joy:


Tryko and Utarinex are the only two for which I’m even capable since the others only have one of the dinos to the appropriate level. It’s so sad…


Tryko and Utari, also Dioraja might be never available for me.:cry:
Thanks for that awful spawn mechanism. And I’ll definitely not buy those expensive incubators for these DNA.


Dilo. I cant find a good spawn spot for the rare component. I want it so bad!


I will put a reply on this thread in a year I guess :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Creating a Trykosaurus, this thing is taking me forever.
It’s been more than a month since I’ve seen a Kentrosaurus in the wild even though I often go to its local area. :joy::joy:


For me It was Indominus rex, cause I couldn’t find a T-rex, they were rarer than Ouranosaurus in my Area. And every single time I tried to fuse it, i got 10 DNA.
In The future I guess the Tuoramoloch will be the hardest to create, cause Stygimoloch is Area exclusive. And Trykosaurus… Cause of obvious reasons - both Kentrosaurus and Ankylosaurus are one of the rarest epic dinosaurs. And T-rex for me is also hard to obtain as I said.


Still don’t have one legendary … miss me 10 for paramoloch :sweat_smile: