Which legendary hybrid should I unlock next?

I already unlocked Indominus Rex. I want Tragodistis, but im not sure if should use my resources on Paramoloch. I also like the option of Spinotasuchus.

Tell me your suggestions pls.

Utasinoraptor or Allosino, they are great where i imagine you’re at.

Well I also like that opinion just unlocked the ex-king today
image image
Even though I just did it for the dex

Paramoloch is love ~

Alloraptor!! I mean, it is one of the harder hybrids to unlock, but it’s a beast in battle, saved my butt a lot of times, just boost it’s speed enough and you’re good.

Spinotasuchus won’t do you much good in this meta, I would go for Tragod because of Superior Vulnerability, but Paramoloch is just as good.

So… it sounds like your in Z4. Tragodistis is a good choice. It is easy to make, broadly pretty good and is useful in a bunch of strike-towers vs Level 30.

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Carnotarkus is a great addition to any team, and it’s relatively easy to make.

Always work towards uniques. Legendaries(most of them) are temporary. I would suggest Mammotherium.
What is your zone?

I would say smiloceph, but pachy dna is a high arena reward and lv 20 locked in the sanc.
Phorosuara, monosteg, allosino and utahsino are also great choices.

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No, it can’t defend itself from nerfs anymore.

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You have to take into account whether you can take them beyond 20 or not without jeopardising future progress on a unique.

Worth levelling to L20 and beyond: Tryo, Indo G2, Carno, Monostego (possibly Trago, Stegod and Spinota but not so much in the current meta)

Worth levelling to L20: Phorus, I-Rex G1, Ardonto, Mammotherium, Utasino, Keratoporcus, Allosino

That said I don’t think you should necessarily stick to the L20 “rule”; for variety my alt account isn’t creating any uniques:

Made Lockwood Library last season and take down teams of uniques on a regular basis.

Not saying you should go that far but if you like playing a creature keep levelling!

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Thanks guys
Finally unlocked allosino and tragodistis