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Which legendary really Is the best?

This is a question I have tried to figure out. Originally I said trystornix but now I think it might be indoraptor gen 2. What does everyone else think is the best?

For me, top 5 are:
Indoraptor Gen 2

I don’t consider Monostegotops a legendary cause it’s so dam amazing, it’s like a Legend-ique

Indo G2
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Because she is bae~<3

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I can’t stand that paramoloch. It just keeps going because of stuns. Then regenerates and runs to do it all over again.

I mean by base stats and moves. Paramoloch doesn’t have great base stats

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  1. Indoraptor2
  2. Utahsino
  3. Phorusaura
  4. DC
  5. Tark
  6. Spinotasuchus
  7. Monostego
  8. Tragod
  9. Allosino
  10. Diplovenator/Carbotoceratops
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They all are the best.

So? I like Para based off her design, I think she’s a beautiful creature. :slight_smile:

I like her in battle also, but she’s been a long time favorite of mine. Even before she had this moveset.

@Phil That rarely happens, Draco will take her out before she can R&R.

Dont forget SMILOCEPH


I fight paramoloch everyday and it always stuns me and then instant stunt then hit and stun and when I do ever not get stunned it runs and comes back and does it again. I don’t use dracoceratops.

Indo is a good counter to her now since she can’t stun it anymore.

I took my indoraptor out. I may need to try it since it’s good again. This is what I’m working with now.

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I can see why you like her, I personally find her a nuisance in sorna, unless allosinosaur is in my roster

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