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Which Movie Dinosaur Should Ludia Add To The Game Next? (Vote Here)

Which movie dinosaur would you most like to see added to the game next?
NOTE: this is only for dinosaurs that have had a living appearance in the films. This is NOT for dinosaurs in the films as a model, skeleton, or a verbal/written mention.

  • Ceratosaurus (JP3)
  • Compsognathus (TLW, JP3, JWE, B@BR)
  • Corythosaurus (JP3)
  • Mamenchisaurus (TLW)

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  1. I want Compy the most. He would get completely new animations for sure.
  2. Then Cerato. This dino is unique too, thanks to his horn and osteoderms. Would probably be the only armored theropod, with existing animation tho.
  3. Then Mamenchi. I want him to be the common Brachi-type dino. Nothing special in him tho, he’s known just for his extremely long neck.
  4. I don’t want Corytho at all. I would prefer any permian/cenozoic creature over him. We already have 2 common, 2 rare and 2 epic nonhybrid hadrosaurs. Enough, for diversity’s sake please don’t waste effort fke Corytho when you can create much more interesting creatures

I want all of them!

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Compy could possibly bring new things to the game like the snakes and pterosaurs did when they arrived. Cerato because it needs some love. Then I can honestly take or leave the other 2. If corythosaurus had a different animation then I would be behind that 100%

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How about Rexy? :t_rex: :crown:

i really want to see cerazinosaurus!