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Which new 1.9 creatures are you after?

As expected, almost everyone wants the new Indoraptor. Lots of Echo requests and Blues popping up in Sanctuaries. And of course, people would kill to have Smilonemys. But is anyone planning on having in your main team Phorusaura, Brontolasmus, Carbotoceratops, Thylacotator or even Indominus GEN2? (leveling it beyond 15 and ignoring Indoraptor2)

Personally, I’ll try Thyla. The swap in distraction will defend against the rat and that Rending Takedown will be devastating against the Sauropods that will start appearing more and more.


I’m excited for Thylacotator, very interesting

I’m not adding the new ones to my team, however I will likely gain Thylacotator because of heaps of DNA for it. I have some Maiasaura DNA too, might make Phorusaura. These 2 might get tried out in flat level tournaments. Indo G2 will have to wait, I’m very close to starting work on Tenontorex.

I’m thinking og addimg thylacotator too!

Eventually will run Thylacotator if its decent. It has to contend with Lvl 25 Sucho though!!!

The three new cenozoics and the new Indominus and Indorptor. Not bothered by the other hybrids.

Another good thing about Thyla is that you don’t have the need to boost attack. And it will still be good against immunes.

Me too, I might replace it for Prowler when I get it to lvl 18



Is this supposed to be Smilonemys? :joy:


I’d like to complete the dino dex, but I’m kinda set in my team.
I’m seeing all the requests in my alliance too, but I’m still over here like Irritator, Tuo, and Dime.
I’m obviously in the minority though. LOL

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Base stats pending I’d like Thylacotator to replace suchotator

I’m probably going to run Indominus G2 at team level as replacement for the original and use it alongside Indo G1. I don’t have enough Blue to level Indo G2 very high.

Phorusaura looks pretty great to me honestly, and I may use it over Yoshi for more mobility

I plan on trying out Phorasura. I think it has interesting design, and it sounds like it has good versatility.

Still not sure. More importantly, do I have the boosts for a new team member?

I’m keeping a spot open for Ardentis. I want DC off my team for good, but if Procera ends up being too much of a nuisance, I fear that I’ll have keep the dang thing on my team.

Otherwise, I’d like the new Indoraptor on my team. By the time I get Smilonemys, my team will be too advanced.


Yeah, with this new super Procera, there’s no way I’ll take the rat off the team anytime soon, unfortunately… Only thing that would make me do it is the new Smilo, but that will take ages just to create, let alone put it on team level…

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Lmao that is pure gold.

And to be on topic I want the turtle! XD

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with indominus and indoraptor changes, would worth have all 4 in a team? indominus, indoraptor, indominus 2 and indoraptor 2… should be interesting hehe.

the problem is so much dna for that. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I want to try out phorusaura. I never used Maiasaura and would like to try out that instant rampage. I’m also after smilonemys and possibly thylocotator. I’d like to try them all out, but need start gathering dna for Indom and Indo G2.

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Wow, I really wish I could “like” this more… :heart_eyes_cat:


Indoraptor gen 2. :+1:

For once, I actually think I’m confident enough to say I have enough dino DNA to create/level up one of the new dinos.