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Which New End-Game Fierce Hybrid Do You Prefer?

Which of the following hybrids do you prefer?

  • Keartosaurus
  • Spinocevia

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Honestly, they both are pretty good. However, it seems like they were made for 2 different things. Kerato seems good for raids, and while it would be ok in the arena, it wouldn’t be too good. Spinocdvia has the opposite. It looks scary for arena, but raids not so much. It could be used, but not very well. They seems fun. I wouldn’t mind them in game.


It would be a like thyla but also could do some real damage as well, it doesnt have decel but it has 128 speed.

That was my intent :grinning:

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I want spiny just because it’s something I can make lol


Honestly like them both, but it might be nice if spinocevia got some distraction, since Inostherium is cunning. I like the hybrid, it just doesn’t feel like it uses Inostherium at all. And where did the rend come from? Maybe if it used the leaked actops hybrid instead?


Actually, if one of those moves could be slightly altered to Taunting, I think it’d be pretty good against Hadros and (possibly) the Sino Apex boss with it’s Resistances, bleeding and rending attacks.

Would definitely be of no use against Mortem though :joy:

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My first draft of spinocevia had mutual fury but then it would be a little to similar to keratosaurus, but the reason it’s so different then instrotherium is because that I wanted it pure fierce not a mix.


I see, and I agree that the moveset looks fine. I just wouldn’t mix it with a pure cunning at all if that’s the result you wanted. Even Alloraptor makes more sense to fuse with.

I would be upset if something as cool as the allosaurus gen2 turned into a Cenozoic thing. I hope it’s an awesome dino hybrid like alloraptor.

Oh I would never do that! I would have the allosaurus gen 2 model/animation but with horns.

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I like the idea

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Thank You!

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Hey Indom! Forgot you are on the forum.

Yup how’s life

Pretty good. Just got back from camping and am now doing my Clash of Titans

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