Which new functionality are comming in the futur?


Hi there :slight_smile:

would like to knwo what are you plan for the futur, what kind on new functionality we can expect ?
your game is really good and i would like to thank you for this, but seems to be a litle bit empty for the moment



I too would love to know what future ideas you have planned?


Ludia you have an amazing game, there are thousands of players across the world trying to enjoy this game of yours. This game is the first true competitor to Pokemon go but you treat your game like a cash grab and people are tired of pay-to-win mechanics. You have a real spoofer and hacking problem that I’m sure you’re aware of but if you’re not I’m telling you now it’s out of control. I will tell you the same thing that I told Niantic “Communicate with your player base” if the people don’t know that you’re listening then ultimately they’re going to end up ditching you and that’s a fact. Myself and so many other people enjoy this game thoroughly and want to see it go somewhere I know you just released and it’s only been a month? Month-and-a-half? You have a long way to go and people like myself are willing to follow you but we need some reassurance that you’re listening to us and that you’re taking our advice to a point I don’t know about you but seeing some of the people wanting dinosaurs to be buffed and debuffed are kinda full of themselves in my opinion. Now I can spouts out ideas for this game all night long in fact I might even make a thread about it but thoughts and ideas can only be tested if they are heard. All in all keep the game going strong we all want to see where this game goes in the future.


Unfortunately, all I’ve heard are rumors. Possibly pterosaurs in the future. That’s all I know so far. Ludia is really good at keeping spoilers from getting out.


I want more meat eater… so many plant monster, and they r not that good anyways, maybe have them have more health because they r slow and weak attack.