Which of these is the best in your opinion?

  • Ankylos Lux
  • Mortem Rex
  • Hadros Lux
  • Ceramagnus

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The poll is CLOSED!
And the final winner is…


I think Mortem as it can counter all of these.

If not mortem I would say cera. If resilient moves hadn’t changed I would have picked hadros

Sure, but does that make it the best? No. It’s fallen from it’s glory days and now few people actually use it over something like Indot. Ankylos Lux has a great moveset, and three pretty good abilities. Plus, Ankylos Lux usage is on the rise too. Many top players are using it, whilst most of them have abandoned dinos like Magnus, Morty, and Hadros.


I’m only saying in my opinion

There’s opinions and there’s facts. Asides from stun immunity, Ankylos Lux is more OP in everything else than the other 3 in their primes


Yeah, Ankylos is my choice too.

Again it’s my opinion

And what about speed decrease immunity and vulnerability ammunity

Immunity, sorry

it’s like asking what’s the best:
skoonasaurus, trykosaurus, diorajasaur, mammolania.

The question is which is more broken: 2.9 Skoona or 1.13 Lania? 2.0 Tryko with 2 turn invincibility is automatically 3rd place due to 0.5 resistances

1.13 lania easily is stronger

Honestly I think that skoona buff was unessecary

i ment current meta, like first post.

I was somewhat trying to make a joke on how all 3 except dio are questionably op in their primes

Dio is still good as it is in top alpha tier