Which of these legendary bad

You’ve read the title which of these three are the worst

  • Rajakylo
  • Koolabor
  • Darwezopt

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Note when I mean bad in kit and moves, not the hybrid

Rajakylo is so weak, he needs a buff

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Rajakylo should be in beta imo, and koola too. However I think darwezopteryx isn’t that bad. It’s pretty underrated imo.


On the contrary. I feel that rajakylo is better than darwez. Rajakylo is like tarkus in a very poor way while darwez is just a mess. Plus with the rise in creatures immune to DoT, Darwez is just not good

Design-wise, Koolab. Battle-wise, Rajakylo


Darwez can come in handy against Strike towers though. That high HP plus DoT is useful.