Which of these looks better?

This is in terms of design, not stats.

  • Compsoscorpios
  • Indonemys

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Indonemys is Indom clone number 6, and Indom is already a boring design anyways, so I prefer Compsoscorpios. It’s not too much better, considering that it’s ingredient, Scorpios, is essentially another Indom clone, but it gets points for the unique and varied colors, and it’s… cute… in a way… (Probably not in PvP, though…)



Indonemys is just a fuzzy Indom and Compsoscorpius looks like it saw my calculator history



The Indonemys turns out to be better looking than the Compsoscorpios!
It is.

Your opinion is not valid.

What about the other options?

is it not valid because it does not conform to your opinion? Sounds kinda biased to me

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