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Which of your dinos has boosts rendered most useless?

For me it’s the L30 tryo that I worked forever to get to that level. It used to be a good tryko counter, but now that I’m up against faster trykos that do 5000 + first turn damage (with crit, which always happens EDIT: That’s strike + counter attack - for the pedantic.) it’s just pointless, and I didn’t want to put my boosts into it.

How about you? Anything made useless by boosts?

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Procerath. I thought it would be good with enough boosts, but no.

I actually focused on Tryo and boosted my L29 to 5,327HP, 1,731 Attack, and 142 speed. It wrecks everything (DSR attack, with cri,t after RTC + FS is 10,389ish), although its key limitation is the same: it has to be played to finish-off one dino with FS such that you can hit DSR on the next. Ideally, the opponent throws up Instant Invincibility when you roll it out, so you can hit RTC, then FS, then RTC on the next dino.

My Apatosaurus.



5000 strike damage huh ? That’s funny since a level 30 tryko with boost tier 10 (which i guarantee uve never faced) only crits at 4375 with strike…

So let’s get back to reality and stop exaggerating like every other person on this forum

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My tryo is one of my heavier boosted dinos and i dont regret it. My issue isnt with anyone dino, so much as everytime i get my tryo set up along comes dracocera…

My tryo is a beast. Only weakness are things that dodge.


Tryo sure does Try o.
and Tryko likes to Try K.O as well

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Dilo unique. Was one of my best, now cant afford to have it on my roster. It’s a liability

I’ve really stopped making any effort to level mine up anymore too.

stop exaggerating like every other person on this forum

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hah, I just got that now… :dizzy_face: