Which official unseen Jurassic Park dinosaurs would you like to see added to JWA?

All these are ‘official’ dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park movie canon which were never actually seen on screen, however 2 of them already exist in Jurassic World: Alive. Keep your eyes open to spot JWA content. Personally I would love to see Microceratus. Enjoy!

Which dinosaurs would you like to see added to JWA?

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Metriacanthosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Ceratosaurus, and Alpha from JP III


Chaos Effect monsters as well as Ice Age (since we hunt on land not underwater for sea reptiles) Creatures and maybe any kind of Gorgonopsid (although Gorgosuchus resembles one)

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Please none of these.
Chaos effect creatures are just abominations with a bad design, cenozoic don’t really fit in the game (and lets face It, cenozoics are boring compared with dinosaurs, they are just oversized versions of the animals we have now) and for gorgonopsids idk, maybe they could be added, some of them are really cool.

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Maybe you don’t like Chaos Effect abominations cus as you said, bad design, but have in mind this, they are from 90’s/2000’s, if they were getting added they will get for sure a model remake. I’d like to see 'em ingame because I grew up with em and nostalgic :joy:


There would be several of them together. On their own they do very little damage but they could do some type of pack attack. Because of their size they could have a built in avoidance that does not eliminate but reduces damage taken.


None of your suggestions are even canon in the films at all. A failed toy line and overgrown fuzzy toys don’t count, especially in a game concerning dinosaurs.

The op said which unseen dinosaurs from the films, which is not the same thing as any of the game-killing things you suggested.

(I don’t care which decade they’re from, “Chaos Effect” nearly killed the entire franchise for good. Keep in mind that this was at a time when JP 3 had damaged the series at the box office, and Fox Kids had already failed to produce an animated JP series. Chaos Effect nearly finished the job that the first two had started. Out of eight toys planned, only four saw the light of day before Kenner axed that line for good. And no, the “Ultimasaurus” was never sold in stores, even if it was printed on the boxes. What you’re seeing on the internet is a widely recycled photo of a Kenner toy prototype, not an actual toy.)

And the forum has repeatedly blown both ideas out of the water, especially the fuzzy mammals. They aren’t wanted.


How bout a Mossaurus? Not sure how to spell it

I was going to say compy. I mean they killed Hammond yeah. I say give them some skill like this.

Compy bite : does 10% Max HP damage per turn bleed and increases dodge by 5% cool down 1 turn.

Compy hunt : stuns 50% and reduces opponent attack 50% cooldown 2 turns delay 1 or 2 turns.

Reg attack remove positive effects.

Passive dodge 50%

Keep HP low attack low speed high like 130 or 129.

That would fit the Dino the book the movies and real life. Since the copy hunted like quick little komodo dragons monsters… Snakes etc.


Alternatively… A Jurassic world alive under water addition to game would be very cool… Just saying…


Have you ever wondered how they’d get the DNA for aquatic creatures, no mosquito is gonna bite them and get trapped in amber lol

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Sand fleas

I’d love to see small dinos like the Compy. They could have fun with something like a pack attack and a passive evade due to size. Seeing aquatic dinos tied to water spots would be fun, too.


Just wanna say, I think your name would make an awesome dinosaur “iguana raptor” sounds like an awesome hybrid

Pachycephalasourus, (I know I didn’t spell it right) Also, I think aquatic DLC, so in other words, Mosasourus, Tylosaurus, Plesiosaurus, and things like that.

This and no other. Compys and i wish they will be a pain in the … for all the rat users out there :smiley:

Ceratosaurus, from 3rd movie.

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A gigantosaurus would be pretty cool to compete with size of the Rex and its hybrids along with the spino’s

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Nice!:smiley:, would love to see giga.

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I’d probably want the Troodon, Camarasaurus, Pachyrhinosaurus, Beipiaosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Gigantoraptor, Corythosaurus, Deinonychus, Red(a raptor that was cut from Jurassic World), Lambeosaurus, and Lourinhanosaurus.I’d like if they add the Brachiosaurus design from the concept art from Jurassic World,since those ones had a blue streak on them that never made it into the film.

P.S. Don’t judge me for my choices

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