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Which one do you prefer from each?hybrid or superhybrids?

Hello dear members,We are here to talk about each case:
Do you like the first step of the creation:hybrid or his Second step:His superhybrid?and why??
Maybe you have been disappointed about the superhybrid and you prefer the first hybrid?lets talk about them!
So,for moment,we won’t talk about hybrids without superhybrid at the moment (alankylosaurus,smilocephalausurus ect)
I have made the list of the hybrids and their superhybrids below!

utahsinoraptor -> utarinex
allosinoceratops -> thoradolosaurus
pyrritator -> magnapyrritor
monomimus -> pterovexus
xarmagocephalus -> tragodistis
nodopatosaurus ->nodopatotitan
nodopatosaurus -> gigaspikasaurus
indominus rex ->indoraptor
einiasuchus ->sarcorixis
pteraquetzal -> quetzorion
spinonyx -> erlikospyx
diloranosaurus -> Diloracheirus
indominus rex -> erlidominus
tyrranodolophosaurus -> tenontorex
stegoceratops -> monostegotops
ankentrosaurus > trykosaurus
darwezopteryx -> stygidaryx
koolabourgiana -> geminititan
Ardontosaurus -> ardentismaxima*
postimetrodon -> tryostonyx
spinotahraptor -> spinotahsuchus
purrutaurus -> carnotarkus
purrolyth ->grypolyth

I will talk about few ones i have played and my thoughts:
pyrritator -> magnapyrritor:
Even if pyrritator have been nerf to the ground for almost half a year,
From the both in design and skills,my favorite have always been pyrritator,he his faster,have kept the irritator trait with ready to crush (even if this ability need a buff for me)and can deliver a huge ammount of dmg of you have been lucky enough to set up your ready to crush( fact is you won’t because its useless on a raptor,except if your opponent have not enough luck and is forced to do a instant
magnapyrritor on the other hand is maybe slower but the immunity is actually one of the best options!!and instead of his little brother get a distraction turn one!!!which change everything!
his second strenght is he can nullyfy everything!a big addon instead of his little brother.
If i had to play a match,just for the strategy,i prefer to choose pyrritator,he isn’t good as his brother but i like his strategy where magna will always be distracting impact >defense shattering rampage>nyllifying impact…

Purrutaurus ->Carnotarkus
The differences between these are slighter…
instead of purrifying strike,there is a superiority strike
he have a 20% armor and a few more dmg but thats it,you have all the difference between those 2 Creatures.
both are recents hybrids (first from 1.7,second from 1.8) and i am slightly disappointed about his superhybrid,for me,its just slightly better but not really worth it for a superhybrid.
if you play these,at least its for the counter attack for sure.

utahsinoraptor -> utahrinex

a large debate between these both as utahsinoraptor is really strong but don’t stand in a swap in gameplay have armor and utahrinex is slower but have more hp
Both are fast,distract and hit hard enough so you won’t negleg them.
On both instant distraction is a HUGE pain
I prefer slightly utahrinex,more because i like to use the swap in gameplay and is less afected by the rat

einiasuchus ->sarcorixis
The ferocious impact is clearly his big strengh,dealing serious damage making it my favorite from the both but on the other hand einiasuchus have speed control and can cleanse the bleed.
I clearly prefer sarxorixis,even if both have been put on low apex,for me sarco is more interesting and can be more strategic

What are our though?
have you hybrid you prefer to his superhybrid?

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The post is too long so I couldn’t read through it.

I like some of the legendary and Unique hybrid as the Unique is not necessarily a direct upgrade from the legendary but has different strengths and weaknesses, the same goes for those ultimate hybrid is a lengendary (legendary <–> Epic). For example, Geminititan and Koola / Rinex and Utahsino / Carno and Puru etc. That brings a greater variety in forming our teams. The problem is that if we want to use BOTH of them, it requires too much resources to do so and I hope they can come up a solution for this.

While waiting for a final team member, I actually used both Purrutaurus and Carnotarkus. I prefer Carno overall, but I do feel like it needs a little bit more for the extra effort it takes to create it.

Einia vs Sarco, I used to prefer Sarco, since I found the swap in shield very useful. Since it’s been reworked I’ve found myself less interested in using it in tournaments and the like.

Utasinoraptor is my favorite dinosaur in the whole game, so my vote there will always be biased.

I find Paramoloch more of a danger to me than Tuora.

Same for me,i prefer paramoloch,i don’t know why but i find his kit funny!
Touramoloch have a “basic” kit,one cleanse distraction,2 slow moves,1 stun,one swap and damage…
Like utarinex,he don’t really have something special