Which one is Better? Grylenken or Phorusaura? Also, put your fav dino group here!

Well, read the title lol
I’d say Gry is better as it has Stunning Obs, 50% Distract res, armor and a normal Rampage and Bugger off.
Pho can be easily distracted and harder to make.

Your Fave dinos
  • Med Carnis
  • Big Carnis
  • Small Carnis
  • Stegos
  • Paras
  • Trikes
  • Headbutters
  • Croc
  • Croc on 4s
  • Birds
  • Flyers
  • Deers
  • Rhinos
  • Ankylosaurids
  • Glyptodont
  • Dimetrodon Type
  • Sloths
  • Flocks
  • Ornithomimid
  • I think thats all

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Not sure, really. Unboosted terms, Gry takes the cake here probably, even with the lack of a good turn one. Gry has overall better stats, resistances, prevents Pho from leaving unless it risks damage or death, and leaves Pho cornered after T1, so Pho takes the loss here to Gry. I’d say that on boosted terms though, Pho is better. Assuming Pho goes for a full attack build, like 0/20/10, Pho can do a solid 5k-ish amount damage with IR, near killing most Gry builds in a hit, even with the 10% armor. They both serve different purposes though. Pho is more for Revenge kill for quick damage then fall back, whilst Gry is probably used for trapping opponents in bad spots, then forcing them to get absolutely pummeled by Gry’s double Rampage since they can’t leave. I use Pho more simply because it’s better in legendary tournaments on most occasions, excluding in situations with flocks. They’re still both kinda mediocre most of the time, since usually there are Legendaries that outcompete them, like Coelhaast or Enteloceros.


I don’t think I’ve ever fought gry but I fight pho almost daily.

Also what does the poll have to do with the question of which of the 2 are better?

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I’d say that might not be true, since Phorusaura probably sees more use than Gry, boosted or not, PvP or Tournaments, due to Instant Rampage and a great Revenge kill, but I’m not so sure. It’s the lack of a good T1 that holds Gry back from being objectively better than Pho. I think that most people would probably say they use Phoru more and would say Phoru is better, but everyone is titled to their own opinions.

where ARE THE SAURopods? sauropods are best group >:c why leave them out ;w; Birds are great too


Thx for the suggest all!

for the first post of @SomeDudeOnTheForums, I love gry more than Pho, and I really consider it as you say its good in diffrent conditions. Coelhaast is on my team currently as its OP.

@SomeDudeOnTheForums Second post: Yes instant Rampage is good, but only when the coast is clear. At times of Dodges, Distraction, Armor, its basically Dead. Grylenken also have the Beloved on escape used to snipe enemies before enem. swaps out. I can say that Pho is better if the Rampage and Bugger off is the normal one.

@Phil the poll have to do with the title saying Also put you fav dino group lol

@Spino2318 I do agree. I do not see much Pho nor Gry in my lvl. and yes, Gry demolishes pho. Pho don’t have a turn 2 option against it…

@Wyvernix oops! sorry, there is too many groups so i forgot lel.

@Spino2318 I strongly agree with these.

Pho just have to much counters. (Yes, Gry also have a load) Megalotops Setted up or even fresh, its dead. and everything with dodge distraction and armor counters it. Gry is also a counter to it. and it don’t have resistance or any types of dodge removers… But i’m really still confused lol.

(Conclusion: They’re Both good in their own times. however from the data i got, Gry is Better)

I usually don’t see Gry because most people think it’s lackluster compared to other dinos in Legendary tournaments, like the aforementioned Coelhaast, Enteloceros, Tarkus, Scorpius, etc, whilst Pho is usually more common due to being slightly better. Gry usually ends up falling behind to Pho, as it is usually seen by the majority as better.

The majority of people playing used a Phorusaura at one point, and it used to be very meta as well. Whilst Grylenken does have better stats, resistances, and kit, no turn one and Phorusaura’s Swap In and IR are what make people use it over Gry. Gry would be much better if weren’t for the lack of a proper T1. I’ve yet to see a Gry in Pvp or tournaments, even with it’s recent buff, but have seen the occasional Phorusaura in Aviary, and plenty of times in tournaments. I’m not saying Gry is bad, it’s superior in a few ways and is good, but in most cases, people prefer Pho.

People Prefer Pho, yet some minors like me and @Spino2318 thinks gry is better cuz its honestly is. and Gry never lose H2H against a pho unless heavily outclassed. I mean, some meta dinos are countered by this guy. and the on escape just makes it better. with the ingredients are far easier to find and max up, i’m actually planning to keep Gry until lvl 30. (you may be shouting, Kelenken is an event exclusive yada yada yada, well, most of the time, ppl end up piling with it like i am. Grypo is literally everywhere, i find 4 or 5 a week.

the problem with Pho and her child is just distraction.

I actually haven’t saw both lol

Edit: I may consider putting Terror Birb and CrocoBird Together lol

Am i the only one seeing that some meta dinos have bad resistances, or atleast good resistance but bad percentage??

Like Indot and Pho with 50% Swap prevention and stuff.

yes, i mean Birb. and a bad turn 1 option is not always bad. sometimes things like cunning strike may wreck a swappers plan.

Edit: Sr3 here i come, as well as a quick question… Whats your alliance @SomeDudeOnTheForums and @Spino2318?

Both are pretty good but I would say grylen is better for that on escape

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Imo they are equal.

My 3 favorite creature groups, amphibians, gorgonopsids, and snakes, are all not in the vote :neutral_face:


In case you didn’t know…

Trikes are called Ceratopsians

Paras are called Hadrosaurids(or Saurolophines)

Dimetrodon types are called synapsids


sry for the confusion peeps, i tend to forgot dino groups even tho i actually know if someone mention it… Sorry for @HolyPoly1026 for not including the snakes


It’s fine, there are tons of creature groups in the game, so listing all of them by memory is definitely difficult.