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Which one is better? (Raptors Hybrids)

Which one is better for you?:thinking:

Alloraptor?Utasinoraptor?Or Pyrritator?:wink:

  • Allotor
  • Utasino
  • Pyrri

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And why do you think that?:face_with_monocle:

{To me Utasino is better. I hate this blue peacock bird}


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Alloraptor is super underrated. People say it’s trash for it’s low speed and meh damage, but it can lay the hurt on tanks better than any raptor can with it’s immunity and rending takedown. It actually straight up beats Maxima, the 1v1 god in a 1v1 matchup.


A raptor that hunts down tanks…


Alloraptor is really OP,i like he!

The only problem that Utasino beats him easily…

Alloraptor kills Maxima
Maxima kills Utasino
Utasino kills Alloraptor



Alloraptor can’t survive in Aviary and higher arenas. Might kill Maxima, but then come Erli/Indo/Indo g2/Utasino…

Utasino is still best raptor.


I haven’t created any of the new stuff yet, but on my second account I’m partial to my Utasinoraptor. She one-shots full-health rats regularly, and of course she’s a good distractor.

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AR takes down maxima; 50-50 against tryko, gemini, dioraja. Unable to beat spyx, indo 1&2, erlidom, rinex, smilonemy. How many above can utasino cope with?

Edit: AR might have higher chance to take down tryko…

Only Ardentis and Gemini are out of Utasino reach. Tryko, Dio usually wins, but Utasino can beat them with smart play.

Sorry, just don’t like Alloraptor at all. Its too slow. In Library Erli, Spyx, Indo, Zorion are everywhere. Indo g2 appears more after update too.
Alloraptor is like Ardentis a sitting duck for next faster dino. Its similar as after you killed DC with Erli Tryko showed up next.


I agree except I love Alloraptor lol. Utasino stands a little chance against indo and erlidoms if it hits through cloak somewhere. Allorap stands 0 chance against them, through cloak or not you’re done for.

And these speed dinos are on a lot of teams… You atleast get the chance to land damage with the instant attack on utasino. Utasino is still better in this meta.

Yet I am using Alloraptor lvl 20 in Library and it isn’t going too well. But I like it a lot. You’re more likely to run into one of the speedsters including utasino over one maxima.


Yeah, that’s why I’m still using tank based team. Even unboosted works well in mid Library.

Alloraptor looks good, just really not that useful in this meta. Don’t like bench warmers.

I see potential in Erlikogamma, eventhough I’m disappointed in it’s damage. It is designed to counter Indo g2. Can be good for Proceratho too. Thats theme for another thread though.


It seems nobody cares about Pyrritator :joy:


Visually I like the alloraptor the most. Utasinoraptor is pretty awesome looking too.

Utasinoraptor is one of my top fighters almost max level. Alloraptor is level 20 and too low to use. Pyrritor is 20 and too low to use but never thought it was that good it’s just fast.


I haven’t seen the Alloraptor in action yet, but I’m still convinced that Utasinoraptor is the most powerful of them. I’ve actually had reservations over how powerful it is over other legendaries.

The Alloraptor may do well. I don’t think it’d be fair to make judgements based on how she performs against 5,000+ trophy material. Legendaries just aren’t meant to walk into the library and compete in order to be accepted as good legendaries.

She looks fair to me–Balanced, purposeful, easily beaten with the right counters. Speaking from lack of experience, she doesn’t really impress me. But she fits in. She’s a good girl. glares at Procerathomimus

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Depends on the situation, but Utahsino is more versatile. Unlike Allo, it has speed control, higher turn-1 damage (rat-killing levels), and a Priority move. It’s also obviously faster and currently easier to level.

I love Allo though, definitely a worthy addition to the game.

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Definitely Utasinoraptor. She has very high damage, good speed and good armor. Then she also has a decelerating move, a distracting move and a stunning move. What else do you need? Alloraptor is unbelievably good against slower opponents, which isn’t the case for basically any other raptor in the game. She’s really amazing against slower opponents though. Pyrritator is just trash.

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I’ve been waiting for the Utahsinoraptor nerf.
He really shouldn’t be better than his unique.

Fair warning.


That’s the only thing I want in the next update. Now that Rat is gone … almost nothing for this blue peacock

Poor Pyrri… LoL

It’s the sad truth though. Just another throwaway dino only here for magna.