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Which one (Poll)?


Hey guys,

I‘m quiet unsure how to plan the darting on next event week if we really should get 18 epic attempts and 5 Uniques.
I only want Erlidom and Tryko. But here‘s my actual situation.

My Erliko and Indom are both lvl 20 and I have 30 DNA on Erlidom.
My Rexy is lvl 18 with 6000 DNA, my Ankyntro is only lvl 18 with 120 DNA. I don‘t have any Anky DNA and 950 Kentro.

What should I do now? I expect very bad fuses since I‘m not a lucky person so I‘m unsure whether to dart Anky plus Kentro and later Erlidom, or rather Erliko and Tryko. But the latter one depends on my darting skills, I‘d need an average of 50 Tryko DNA per attempt and I expect it to be way harder to dart than Erlidom. I‘m lvl 18 with VIP.

So what do u guys think? Should I…

  • Dart Anky plus Kentro, later Erlidom (so I‘ll need lucky fuses for Ankyntro AND Tryko)
  • Dart Anky plus Kentro, later Tryko (means no Erlidom)
  • Dart Erliko, later Tryko (means both, if lucky Erlidom fuses and/or good Tryko darting skills)
  • Dart Erliko, later Erlidom (means no Tryko)

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Point is also, if I should be lucky with Erlidom fuses and should have some attempts on epics left, I could collect some Tryko ingredients and dart Tryko itself five times.

Hope u can help me choose. :slight_smile:
I was also thinking of going after Dioraja cuz she looks awesome but…naah. -.- Needs tons of Anky and is so weak compared to Tryko or Erlidom. And I won‘t be able to lvl her up high enough.


I also voted just to see the results. :slight_smile:


Gone all tryko. level 16 spiky potatoe 15 rex and not even going for erlidom i am level 17 no vip i am screwed if you are. My tact is fire as many darts as i can in the time limit after getting a direct hit on first try i hope


I’m too bias to help but I’m going all Ankylosaurus and kentrosaurus


Ok I think I‘ll go after Erlikos first then. :hugs:


I’ve got Trykosaurus at L23 it really is amazing as everyone says but Erldom is a beast also. I think I’ll be happy to have it at L21 even.
Yesterday I was hit for 7k+ damage after cloak. Tough decision


You’re not ready to fuse for Tryko yet, and even if you are (as I am) it’s very difficult to create; I have plenty of Kentro, but can’t get any Anky… so still stuck at 150/250 for Tryko, although I’ve worked on it for quite some time.

Erlidominus, on the other hand, is my favorite now - a glass cannon, yes, but a beast! Just leveled it to 22, but it was a great team member even at 21. Since you’re already partially there, I recommend focusing on creating Erli… I dont think you will be disappointed. Tryko will happen in due time (that’s how I look at it).

Viel Glück! :slightly_smiling_face: