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Which one to breed first?

I wondered which one would you breed first?

It depends on your line up and what you can level up the quickest. I would put a legendary into the free hatchery, and load your tournaments into the next 3.

My lineup right now


Better if you post your lineup from battle screen, like this

Personally I would hatch shunosaur and ostafrikosaur, then stick 2 lythronax in the 3rd and 4th slot

Also jealous of your 2 hynerias :joy:

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I was very lucky :rofl:

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Here they are

Just an FYI - the term would be which one to hatch. “Breed” implies putting a male and female together to create offspring (which could be a hybrid between species)… which would be pretty cool if we could do that! But unfortunately not. :smile:


I’m thinking I would go with Ichyostega, at least 2 since you already have a level 20. That will give you a level 30. You need to start working to fill that gap between your level 10 VIP and stegoceratops level 40 (you only have 4 dinos between them and it’s a 2900+ difference in ferocity).
If you have Ichyostega unlocked, then maybe two more. If you have t-rex unlocked, maybe make another level 30 so you can make a level 40. If you have enough SDNA to make Monostegatops, that will help balance your top dino back down. His level one is only 2056 health and 643 attack.

FYI, I’m no expert and my top dino has a lower ferocity than yours, but I just have lot deeper bench. So, take my suggestions with a grain of salt as we may be taking two different approaches to the game.

do u have alangasaurus…or yes

u get sooooooooooooooo many cool stuff

Dude, I’m right here. :wink: