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Which one to LVL up?


I know this sounds stupid, but I want to lvl up a common, rare or epic dino (a kinda forgotten and bad one) I just any to try one out in the arena! Sound dumb, but im dumb sooooooo. Which one?


Oh, and by the way: this will be for the lols


Are we talking about hybrids? Or “standard” dinosaur?


Gryposuchus…the forgotten Epic… :cry:


Majungasuchus would be simple enough and might get a buff someday


I can’t post this on its own but:


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Level up Diplocaulus


:joy: That little wiggler is a snack, not a dino


I like the way you are thinking.

I went with Apato. I level it as I max out on DNA.

It is level 28… 6615/1103… for now…

40 or so more encounters, a few more coins…

it will be 29… 6946/1158…


The home stretch to 30…

Nunda was in the running originally. 128 speed and a good bite to it. I went for bulk and shock value.


I hope you get it to L30 before it gets it’s inevitable nerf :wink:


I have been worried with all the Nerf Apato posts, but I have faith it will be passed over by the Nerf hammer!!!


I leveled Allosaurus, retired at level 27, Suchotator, still on my team at level 30, and Gorgosuchus, recently benched at level 28 for the rat… Will take Gorgo all the way to 30 and put him back on the team if the rat gets nerfed… These dinos took me all the way to Aviary!


Can I see it’s stats? :stuck_out_tongue:


I put them in the above post.

But, I hit max storage on Hotel California and had to hit the button. It is no longer 28.

Only 50k more to go!


I love big girls like those ones!


Don’t do Secodontasaur. I already did and it’s still terrible. Try overleveling one of the birds.


Wow… I want one :wink:

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It only has two uses. One is to kill the swap in death if they bring it out early. Neither of the little things can escape or kill it before it does them in.

The other is a shock factor Arena combatant. When I put it in at 4100 trophies my opponent always takes the full countdown before attacking it. I chuckle at the thought of them looking at it going what the heck??? Pressing to see what attacks it has. Trying to figure out what kind of strategy would ever make someone put it in.

It has two attacks, there really is no strategy to it, it is just large.


Hm. I have that same thing with my einosuchus. I’m a bit lower, stuck around 2100 trophies, but it’s the same concept. I’ve only encountered two other people who have it on their team. Oh boy, the countdown usually reaches a low number… I mean, lets face it… a level 19 einosuchus is a bit of a shocker :wink:

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