Which rare to target...tips please


Which rare should i go for the 30 attempts…


Megalosaurus, if you can find 30 of them


I’ve got a feeling Carnotarus will get a hybrid soon but I’m with idris and looking for mega. Although I’ve been to 11 greens so far and found zero :confused:
He makes a legendary (not that I’m any good with it) but lots of the top teams use it so…


I’m going primarily for Megalosaurus but I might pick me up some Carnotaurus along the way.


Megalosaurus for two reasons. First, it has a current hybrid that I can capture parts for locally. Second, my Carnotaurus is just level 10, I never see any of them. If there was a hybrid to come I would never get enough to do anything with.


I’ve only managed to find 4 today, oh the struggle :joy:


Almost all the people will go to Megalosauro, but it also depends on what are your current dinos.

Yesterday I made 7 attempts to megalosauro… it will be a long run to hunt the other 23! :scream:


This…but what if Mega got buff in the next update. Mixed feeling :thinking:


I too looking for mega, but many said gorgo seems better.
Need 200 mega to fuse the legend and lots of gorgo dna, so hestitating if should lvl up gorgo or create legend…


Depends which lvl Gorgo you have. If you have Gorgo under lvl 15 and you have problems finding Gorgosaur and Karpo, then I would suggest lvl up Gorgo.

I was in same dilemma until today. Had lots of Gorgosaur spawns and also Gorgo spawn. Got enough DNA to evolve Gorgo to lvl 19 and still have DNA for fuses to make Megalo.


My Gorgo lvl is 15 but cannot get enough Kapro which seems to be only spawn at night.
To lvl Gorgo higher means more diff to create legend, not to mention lvl up after creation.
Based on same lvl Gorgo better or legend better?


They have different uses. It also depends on what they are up against. For example, I ran into both while still at Sorna Marshes and Gorgo gave me more trouble only because that thing can “regenerate” and can bring down tanks pretty well. However! If you weren’t using tanks, I don’t foresee it being as much of a pain. Also, they changed its moveset after the update and I hadn’t ran into it since then, so can’t really comment on whether it is better or worse now.

I think it all depends on which arena you are in, what are you using in your team and what you get paired against. Either way, I don’t find either of them hard to deal with


Actually i find regenerate to be pretty useless, unless your dino speed is faster and can generate enough to take one more hit.
Now they change the move to cleansing for Gorgo which i feel is better because is a move by itself and can deal good damage as well.
But i don’t see any of Gorgo looking at top players list, but the legend yes…so…confused…


I also have a query, does nullifying effect remove armour as well?


Problem with Mega is that you want it in order to get Megalosuchus. But…you will need lots of Dimetrodon DNA too. But Dimetrodon needs to be level 20 in order to fuse for Magnapyritor.

My Megalosuchus is nice but Magnapyritor is the key for a strong team.


Ignore previous post. Confusing Tryostronix and Postimetrodon.

Or was it trykosaurus and Postosuchatator.


No. Nullifying can remove shields and cloak.
Armor Piercing attacks can bite through armor so the % of armor doesn’t matter.

Of course I want to create megalosuco for my collection, but I think then, once megalosuco is created, I will upgrade my gorgosuco seen that postosuco is a global spawn and I can farm gorgosauro as well cause I work in L3. And, after all, I don’t have any other tank breakers in my team.
So just think about what is easiest to level up for you. :+1: