Which S-DNA?

I’m playing on an Android phone.

I tap on “missions” and then on “S-DNA” and then on “Change S-DNA” and get 8 options on which kind of S-DNA to select. I can pick 2.

What should I pick? How does this affect the game?

I have searched and can not find this.

Thank You.



Depends on what S-Hybrids you can unlock, or have unlocked.

I have all S-Hybrids unlocked, so my first option is Dimetrocaurnus, since I personally sell them for DNA, as they have the best sell-to-cost ratio. However even if you don’t want to sell them, they are fantastic in tournaments and PvE due to their CDs and low-ish price.

After that, Indos, if your lineup supports it. I have both Indo paddocks at 12 copies of L1s each, and they make my events a breeze even with them being in my B-roster.

After that, a toss up between Monostego and Tapejaloceph, as they are both balanced, and can fill missing herb and/or ptera gaps in any roster.

Lastly, Diplosuchus, since she is an okay amphib in a game that hates late-game amphibs.

Spinot is a good poor-mans indo, but Dimetrocaurnus is vastly better.

Don’t waste your time on Giganky and Pelecachtylus as Monostego and Tapejaloceph are VASTLY better. Giganky takes 1 week to hatch vs Monostego’s 3 day, has a longer CD, and it’s stats are very similar to Monostego’s. With Pelecach, she maxes out at a mediocre L40 tourney dino level. Both sell for basically nothing too.


@OstaposaurusBae did a great explanation and I agree.
I would like to add that the first option should be Velociraptor S-DNA and never change it for another. Thats the most important and the only one You Will care about in the future. Also You Will find that Tapejalo, Monostego and Dimetrocarnus are great for tourneys and PvP at LvL 10, not so usefull at high LvL.


I agree to what @OstaposaurusBae and @Diegote are saying, who are both end game players. If you are an early or mid game player (like me), I would not forget diplosuchus. If you are not reaching dominator league in tournaments yet, diplosuchus and low level dimetrocarnus are good creatures to use due to short cool down time, if you bring a balanced team (not FMF).


I disagree. I have 5 L30s Tapejalos and 4 L30s Monostegos, and they are some of my top dinos. Just at L30, the both beat out any L40 VIPs. Now if I was at a L20 Indo level, then both would be lacking compared to the Tourney Hybrids who mostly keep up with higher level Indos. But most S-hybrids have better CD times then equally ferocious Tourney Hybrids.


I recommend sarcosuchus Sdna. Diplosuchus is easy to get and is extremely useful.

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I understand your point, you have a very Unique way of playing this Game. I have 2 or 3 tapejalos LvL 40 and zalmonodon LvL 30 has the same stats and can be improved to LvL 40 in the future. Tapejalo has lower CD, but can’t participate in only legendarys events where it can be very usefull. Also tapejalo LvL 40 it’s overkill for rare only events, so no need to use it there. For me, it’s really good at LvL 10 for PvP and tourneys