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Which should I dart for this week's unique?

Thoradolosaurus or trykosaurus and why?

Ofc tryko, hard to create (you need 3 epics ), tyrant tier, armor + counter attack, can cleanse distraction.


but what I heard is that the tail shot of trko is really hard

If you pick thor so many ppl will get ticked off tryko is honestly better though

Thor is good as a starting unique. and as one of the very few pure fierce creatures in the end game it’s quite useful when fully boosted to take on the tyrant unique tanks.

Tryko, while harder to create and keep leveled, has a more versatility with its kit. Resilient attack to remove distraction and slow the opponent, Defense shattering, instant 100% shield, and a counter attack, which can allow for a crafty swap play.

Personally i would go with tryko because eventually Mortem is going to replace a thor on your team (as it is an all around better pure fierce) and if you don’t have a lot of resources it would be best to plan ahead for some foreseeable upgrades and save resources if you can.


Gotta love that IC though

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while thor does better in some situations, imho mortem is the better of the two even tho thor beats mortem.

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Tryko is a better Dino… but there are other things to consider when picking which to dart.

First and most likely the more important one is how committed your gonna be to darting Tryko… Cause knowing Ludia Thor is gonna be on every corner and trykos gonna be a scarce.

Can you level or create one off of this event because that’s gonna have the most positive impact on your team.

Ultimately tryko dna is more valuable but if you don’t even have all the hybrids at level to fuse tryko… going for Thor isn’t a bad move.

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solid advice.

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i think I have to dart tryko becuase I cant find anklyosaur and kentrosaur dna a lot .


Kentro was the key component I was always short on when it came to creating and lvling Tryko. It just so happened that Kentro used to be a zone 1 epic which I was in before it became a park exclusive
and the zone changes we have today. I would run out the house no matter the time of day if I saw one. I would recommend darting Tryko, he is better and quite versatile…

Do we have Triko and Thor to dart? Lol, didn’t know that.

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Cant wait to level TRykOsaurus to level 31!!! Sooo exitEd!!! :star_struck:

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Shoot tryko.

Me personally I’m going for Thor because I’m grinding right now and it would rlly help but that’s just me.

PS @Nighty_201 not sure if that’s a joke, but you can’t level anything to 31. 30 is the max

Ofcourse its a joke. I’m not that dumb.


All right. Just checking.


I would be absolutely staggered if anyone chose Thor.

We are and have been spoon fed Thor components since the game was launched, and continue to be.

So although Thor is clearly Ludia’s mascot I can’t see anyone with a modicum of common sense suggesting you dart it this weekend.


Considering how much Trex DNA you need (200?) To create one fuse for Tryk0…just 1! I say dart Tryko. Tryko can also take out Monolometrodon and other annoying distracting creatures.