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Which species' would you like to see the most?

  1. Snaptrapper

    I really love this dragon. 5* Snaptrapper should be yellow, because we need more powerful yellow dragons.

  2. Triple Stryke

    Sleuther should be 5* yellow TP dragon.


I would also like to see Thornado as an event dragon, the sentinels, the eruptodon, the grimgnashers and the deathsongs too.


Thornado would be great…

Triple stryke or hobgobbler or terrors

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Last two are too small dragons, they would be very weak

Sandbusters or Slitherwings would be nice


So you are picking dragons from other games and say you want to see them in this game?

I went down memory lane yesterday, watching the Defenders of Berk series. I wanna see the Frightmare as a species - probably introducing a new type of ability.

Probably every other ability goes something along the lines of “Terrifying Night” or “Glowing Fear”. Instead of just preventing dragons from performing their abilities, maybe the Frightmare could prevent dragons from attacking in general - the dragon sprays their mist on a single target, preventing them from attacking our team for a number of turns. The lower star dragons could be limited to 2-4 turns, and the higher dragons could possibly do about 4-6 turns.

Considering how the dragon was super speedy on the show (in the evasive sense), maybe the abilities can vary from Moderate to Very Fast, with the 5 star dragon maybe being able hold a dragon down for six turns.

I don’t know, it would be cool if it was in the game.


Just examples. Snaptrapper is mentioned in TV series, Triple Stryke is one of heroes in series

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I’m content now that the Deathgrippers are here, but I would still like a Triple Stryke and see the NightLights.

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Oh! I think Eruptodons or Death songs would be nice, as well as Dramillions.


Well it could be like Jurassic park builder where there are packs dragons idk its just an idea. Besides I wanna see titanwing hobgobblers

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Ooooh, Dramillions! I liked them when they were in Race to the Edge. Kinda wished we saw them more though.

Maybe if not as a breedable species, maybe as a Titanwing, since near the end of the series, Hiccup and his Riders had to save that giant Dramillion from Ryker and his army.

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  1. Night lights for sure if they could count as species (similar abilities to their parents)
  2. Death Song (could stun dragons for x turns)
  3. Probably between the Flightmare and the Singetail (flightmare could have a similar ability to the Death Song and Singetail probably DoT)