Which tanks for raptors?


So this is my team:

Mainly all Speed and high attack xD
I dont mind much the battle system right now with the arenas but i one of my probs is that right now im up against sinoceratops hybrids and high levels raptors some times in my current arena.

I was looking to find one or two tanks woth good or average damage but i cant decide between with the ones i have plus not sure if i go for a herbivore tank or carnivore.

Any Ideas?
( This are my top dinos)

Thank you!


Anklysaurus is a solid shout. I prefer armoured to the herbivores however one of the best defences against raptors is slow so look out for that in your dinos.


Anky was an option i was looking into but im not sure which dino to switch with xD


Einiasuchus can couter raptor too if you can set up his last skill first before any raptor come in and finish them off.


I’d lose one of the predators. That way you’ve at least two tanks available for selection.


Today im going to get the pyroraptor and depending on its speed and attacks i will switch it with one of the raptors or erlikasaurus.

The o ly dinos i never battled with are the 2 hybrids i have in the team.

I couldnt decide which one was better so i put the 2 on. would i switch the anky with one of the hybrids or better to switch with some other carnivore?


Stegoceratopa and nodopatosaurus are easy to get and solid counters, you need at least 2 tanks in the team


Im almost creating stegoceratops and nodopatosaurus.
Not very lucky with triceratops and apatossaurus xD they are some of the most uncommon dinos i see where i live

certainly going to use tgem when i get them


I am pretty happy with my Wherhosauro, she has the special ability to act first and get instant impariment of 90% oppoent’s attack that can be use on the pounce if you are facing a velo.
Also Stegoceratopo is a really good tank and she can also give much damage, not to mention that she can easily stun and finish the opponent. :+1:


With whero you have the risk your opponents raptor uses strike first. You waste your defence on that then he uses pounce. On the other hand you might try and second guess him holding back your defence till his second attack!!! Simpler is to use slow that way you get your damage for the low and first go next time.


Well yes, we don’t have the cristal ball and it is ok like this, these are just some hints, luck plays an essential role :sweat_smile: as well as the opponent strategy.

One week ago, all velociraptors come first in the battle, now smart players put her as second or even third fighter, it much depends of how the game develops :+1: