Which tournament hybrids are worth it?

My ferocity is still kinda low for my level and I did not give much attention to tournamemts hybrids yet, but some will come sooner or later. I understand why some hybrids are worth it, like gorgosuchus (best amphibian hybrid), segnosuchus and metriaphodon (glass cannons) and pachygalosaurus (health tank). Yudon and armormata are maybe some of those with most ferocity, or did I misunderstand? But what about f.ex. cerazinosaurus, erliphosaurus, zalmonodon, pteroquetzal and scorpius rex? What other hybrids are “worth it” and why? Thankful for any opinions from lvl 99 players.

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I’m not level 99 but I’ve done a lot of analysis and watched loads of videos.

The best options are Gorgosuchus (strongest amphibian), Armormata (most powerful herbivore), Yudon (all purpose carnivore), Metriaphodon (glass cannon pterosaur), Segnosuchus (glass cannon herbivore), and Cerazinosaurus (best bargain carnivore).

Ok options are Scorpios Rex (glass cannon carnivore), Dracoceratops (slightly cheaper Armormata) Erliphosaurus (cheap bargain carnivore), and Zalmonodon (tanky pterosaur).

Pachygalosaurus and Pteraquetzal have good health but terrible attack and are only good as meat shields, avoid them. If you want slightly tanky creatures use Yudon and Zalmonodon instead. They both have less health but much better attack. Glythronax and Allonognius are mediocre and really overpriced carnivores. Use Erliphosaurus or Cerazinosaurus instead. Iguanosuchus is just a weaker Dracoceratops that costs a bit more. Use Dracoceratops instead or Armormata if you have the DNA. Chromaspinus is a weaker Yudon that costs more DNA. Use Yudon instead.


I’d start with “What can I unlock?” and go from there according to what plugs holes in my lineup.


I can unlock too many, so I don’t know what to concentrate on, hence my question. I think your answer was a nice summary, @CarChar08.


Cerazin, and Scorpios are worth it. Don’t go erlipho or ptera, or zalmonodon

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I’d take chroma now tho bc of its free unlock

Again, what are your weaknesses? Level 10 tpurnament Legendary hybrids work great with level 40 tournament Legendaries. If you don’t have any real weaknesses, then it’s a matter of what appeals to you and works with your playstyle


Your summary is really nice. I agree Yudon has a great use, I have 3 of him in my lineup :sunglasses:

But if you’re buying a hybrid with DNA or unlocking and fusing it Yudon is a much better option

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Yeah, but I meant if this guy just got chroma turn just ignore yudon for now

Any non carnivore has their place from a game play perspective, all of them have their place from a collector perspective.

I say non Carnivore because Indoraptor Gen 1 & 2 can meet all of your initial needs for carnivores at that level which allows you to use regular DNA for the rest.